As I stood at the kitchen window first thing this morning, my eyes were immediately drawn to a glimpse of deep purple at the front of the border.

First dark purple crocus Negro Boy in border

My heart leapt – the handful of crocus corms that my mum gave us last year, which I planted in the autumn – the rather unfortunately named Crocus vernus ‘Negro Boy’ – had begun to flower. I hastily grabbed a jacket, pulled on my wellies and dashed outside, to find two or three plump inky black buds waiting for the sun to coax them open.

Crocus vernus 'Negro Boy' about to open buds

It is hard to do justice here to their depth of colour, from sable night to electric purple, with the most lustrous satin gleam.

Crocus vernus 'Negro Boy' opening

The first crocus in our garden and I think I am in love.

Crocus vernus 'Negro Boy' open

I cannot fault their magnificent stripy leaves, which I have been admiring and watching hopefully for some weeks now; and their voluptuous buds, which spill open in the sunshine to reveal stamens of egg-yolk yellow and mandarin orange.

Crocus vernus 'Negro Boy'

I hope to add many crocuses (croci!) to the garden in the years to come, but these, our first, are something rather special.


12 thoughts on “Plush

  1. Hi,

    Beautiful colour – I used to have a few of these darker types but they seem to have disappeared over the years….
    Definitely get yourself some Tomasinianus too; they have to be planted in groups of 10+ as they’re small blooms but they are such a wonderful shade of purple and capture my heart every year.

    • They do keep pulling you in as you walk past! I almost prefer them when they are part-closed, with their deeper colour and sultry shine on the outside.

  2. I, too, was so elated to see crocus. I thought the voles had gotten all of them, but there are a few still around here and there. The color in that crocus is so deep and beautiful…love it!

    • It’s good that your crocus have survived the voles too! They are such pretty flowers, and I particularly love the depth of colour in these dark purple ones.

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