Mid-March Madrigals

There is a surprising amount in flower mid-March for such a young garden.

Selection of flowers in bloom mid-March

Centre: Crocus vernus 'Negro Boy'; Clockwise from top left: Muscari; colour beneath the horse chestnut; daffodil and primroses; Cyclamen coum 'Maurice Dryden'; pulmonaria; daffodils; aubretia; primroses; Knautia macedonica; more pulmonaria

The cyclamen are finally starting to run out of steam, while the primroses are still flush with flowers. I am still thrilled by the non-stop flowering of the Knautia, though I hope its winter show doesn’t stop it flowering later in the year.

My current favourites in the garden, however, are those deep purple Crocuses; although a week floating in fog has kept them closed for much of the time.

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12 thoughts on “Mid-March Madrigals

  1. My primroses have been particularly beautiful this year. They are covered in flowers. Weather has been very strange this week dense fog/low cloud and cold. I’ve had to dig out some jumpers again. Can’t believe your knautia has flowered all winter.

    • Very strange weather, this was the first morning we didn’t wake to find ourselves floating in a sea of fog, but still cold – and set to get colder still over the weekend. The knautia and primroses have both been flowering their socks off, lovely.

  2. Hi,

    Lovely blooms! This spring has been really surprising and I’m just glad we have so many blooms and are having such nice, warm weather at the moment 🙂

  3. That Knautia has done well, I wonder though like you whether it will have consequences on its summer flowering. Lets hope not, maybe a good feed will help it along.

  4. I agree the weather has been rather strange this week with all the fog/mist in the mornings but it is so encouraging to see all the new buds emerging on the plants now…

  5. Oh that crocus is going on my wish list immediately Alison – what a glorious colour! All mine croaked a while back. I think that your knautia must be suffering from some sort of personality disorder.

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