Black Lace

Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace' foliage emerging

I love the rich purple of the newly emerging foliage on our Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’. All over the garden, buds are bursting open and foliage is emerging.

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17 thoughts on “Black Lace

    • It’s a lovely plant isn’t it, those delicately cut dark leaves that form such a wonderful backdrop to the froth of pink flowers in early summer, and then later provide a great background for late summer hot colours…

  1. Hi,

    I have two in the garden… The first has done virtually nothing for the past 4 years, last year I cut it hard to try and force it to do something… It kinda worked as it began to grow, but it was reverting back to gree,. This year it’s growing again, and this time that lovely deep purple… But its leaves aren’t thin as it ought to be, they’re like the typical green ones. Oh well, at least it’s the correct colour now! 😀

    • We bought this one at the Malvern Spring show last year – it seems to have settled in to our windy hill top quite well. Glad that yours is behaving at last 🙂

  2. I love the Sambucus Nigra – yours is very much more advanced than mine. I bought mine in a small pot for £6.99 several years ago from B&Q and now it is an ENORMOUS tree! I love it and have let it grow to its full height.

    • Thanks Ronnie – yes they do grow quite vigorously when they take off don’t they? We had to leave one behind in our last garden, I’m thrilled to have this one now finding its feet here. Lovely plants/trees!

    • 🙂 I ended up buying a little A-Z index notebook to scrawl down plants I come across and want – the pages are filling up even faster than our garden 🙂

  3. My friend has one of these in her garden and it always catches my eye – so why don’t I have one in my garden? Have you tried to take cuttings from yours or are they grown from seed?

    • We only bought this last May at the spring show, have never tried to propagate it (yet!) but I believe it is easy to take cuttings in summer or winter, or indeed grow from seed – though there are different cultivars so I guess cuttings are safer if you have your eye on your friend’s in particular.

  4. That is amazing foliage colour, it makes me think of blackcurrants. I’m looking for a few more plants for a bit of a redesign so will put this one on the list of ideas.

    • I really love the colour and dissected shape of the leaves – and it looks beautiful in early summer covered in a pink froth of flowers. I’m hoping to try and make wine from the berries in a year or two also, apparently it’s rather good!

  5. I’m hoping that mine will get growing this year, having been bought like Ronnies for a few pounds and then moved too many times while I was being indecisive. I have promised it I wont move it again if it will get on and grow

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