A Change in Light

There has been a shift in perspective, a change in the quality of light, as the days begin to draw out more noticeably.

Cobweb in afternoon sun

The afternoon sun is rich and warm, despite a cool wind. Foliage flares lush and green beneath its caress, and the house seems to glow in the last embers of the day.

Geranium psilostemon seedling on windowsill basking in afternoon sun

Outside, the spring flowers are suffused with depths of warm gold, surely it is no coincidence that so many of our spring blooms are yellow?

Daffodil -  Rijnveld's Early Sensation - in afternoon sun

Earlier this week, I suddenly noticed that where these last sunny flowers of Rijnveld’s Early Sensation are beginning to fade, a new chorus line has sprung up.

Slender green stems flushed with magenta swell out into narrow buds of pale yellow and green, striated and veined in rose before tapering to a pert pink point. These bob in the breeze like a line of inquisitive birds.

Tulipa sylvestris bud

A stripe of rich egg-yolk yellow along the length of one or two buds shows a glimpse of the deeper colour within, and slowly they have begun to unfurl their pointed petals. Already I am smitten with these Tulipa sylvestris, which I inter-planted among the daffodils along the grass verge. I hope they will naturalise along here, and bring joy for many more springs to follow.

Tulipa sylvestris bud and emerging flowers

What wonderful poise these have, and such a variety of colours.


12 thoughts on “A Change in Light

  1. What beautiful photographs – just describes what I’ve been seeing – and you’re right, how birdlike! I will just be looking for birds in flowers now. Lovely post.

  2. What beautiful tulips. I’m don’t have too much success with tulips in my garden, they don’t seem to like my heavyish soil. I’ve tried some of the species tulips this year though and they are really pretty. Will have a look for these in the autumn.

    • This is the first year we’ve had tulips in the ground, I’m intrigued to see how they do. These species ones are rather splendid so far. I have another type too, but that’s another post!

  3. You are so right; it is the light at this time of year that is so wonderful, and now we have an extra hour in the evening to be outside enjoying it. Lovely tulips. Where did you get them? Christina

    • Yes, lovely to be on summer time now. The bulbs came from Peter Nyssen, along with the early daffs and some alliums and other tulips. Very impressed so far.

  4. Good weather for photographers…! I get up very early most days, and I just love being able to enjoy the sunrise and morning light.
    Do those Tulipa Sylvestris come in a range of colours?

    • Yes stunning weather. Friday morning there was a light mist in the early sun and I passed a verge packed with daffodils that I enjoy every year. It was very hard not to stop and take pictures with such wonderful light but I was already running later than intended so alas not that time.
      Tulipa sylvestris is a species tulip that only comes in sunny yellow, but there are other species tulips in other colours, in fact I have some lovely red ones underway… which I shall post on soon!

  5. Those tulip sylvestris are gorgeous – and your shots of them do them justice… now I know what I need to add to my tulippy bit. Lovely!

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