Wordless Wednesday: Spring Fling

Hellebores - hybrids and H. foetidus

Euphorbia (cyparissias? )

Fresh spring foliage and flowers

Bulbs - Crocus vernus 'Negro Boy', assorted narcissi

Cherry Blossom

Tigger in the sun


Bee in blossom - the cherry tree was humming with bees

Springtime in my mum and dad’s garden.


18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Spring Fling

    • Their garden looks lovely in spring, though the early show of snowdrops and Crocus tommasinianus was over… but the cherry blossom was fizzing with bees.

    • I hope we can build up such a strong spring garden.
      Tigger (a lady of a certain age, now) always likes to be out in the garden at the first sign of anybody else outside, she’s a sociable gardening cat.

      • All the best cats are. When they don’t assume you’re preparing an especially nice toilet just for them, or that the hose is a snake and needs attacking…

        • Ha, you should have seen one of ours yesterday evening, watching with disconcerting interest as I was tying coppiced poles with tantalising lengths of twine… and planting our young saplings – I suspect they look like something good to gnaw on, judging by recent behaviour on other twiggy plants!

    • Thank you – and for visiting! I liked your interview with Courtney, I have spent (some would say) far too much in her lovely shop – I think I have a fabric addiction. 🙂

  1. lovely – I was thinking my garden looked quite frothy today. Must take some more pics but waiting for the Cherry to come out
    I love this time of year especially when the sun is shining

    • Ah, frothy sounds amazing, look forward to your pictures! This time of year is wonderful, I am particularly loving the blue skies and sunshine; blossom and fresh green leaves were made for this kind of weather.

      Suddenly we have evenings again, and I have been straight outside after work every evening this week, until almost 8 when the light has faded completely.

  2. A great display: such variety. I can’t match that. And as you say, with the clocks having gone forward we now have a much better opportunity to enjoy our gardens.

    • Ah but then my mum and dad’s garden won’t match yours for harvests later in the year, as most of the garden is ornamental unlike your edible haven. 🙂

      It’s such a relief to see the garden again, not just at weekends!

  3. Love the variety of plants in your parents garden – mine is best in spring and early summer after that it goes down rapidly – haven’t quite got summer and autumn sorted out yet .

    • It’s hard isn’t it to balance all the seasons in one garden – especially smaller gardens? I found annuals like cosmos, poppies and ammi majus gave our garden instant ‘boom’ last summer as I dug out and created each new border, which disguised quite how new it was! Autumn will take a bit longer I suspect, as it relies on more mature plantings…

  4. Great photos. It’s a lovely time of year for flowers but all this beautiful weather has just everything sparkle even more. The blossom and magnolias have been particularly special.

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