Under The Sun

King of the Hill and I took a day’s leave from work yesterday, to work on his mum’s garden. After last year’s epic landscaping of the back, today it was time to tackle the front.

Front Garden Before

We began work first thing in the morning, digging over the hard, parched ground to remove every weed by hand. Then the entire area was dug over once manually, before taking a rotavator to it, and raking the soil level again.

Front garden after weeding, digging and rotivating

We rescued some seeds from the towering self-sown verbascum seedlings that stood here, along with half a dozen aquilegias which I transplanted into the back garden. I had been asked to come up with a rough planting plan for this area, incorporating the dozen or more ornamental grasses that my mother-in-law bought at the Malvern Spring show last year with this area in mind.

Front garden planting plan

I must confess that in our garden I carry the ever-changing plan in my head, but I was happy to set to with pencil, ruler and some pastels to give an impression of colour and scale, and drafted a rough sketch along with suggestions for other additions. After snatching a late lunch, we laid out the grasses, added a few aquilegias also bought at Malvern last year, and the array of plants was put into the dry earth, and watered well.

Front garden with ornamental grasses

It was a beautiful day to be working outside, although rather warm. Hopefully the grasses will settle in well here, and expand to fill their allotted space with a variety of accompanying flowers to add colour to their shimmering, rustling presence in the sun and wind of this site.

We left tired and aching but happy after a good day’s work. I still could not resist another hour or two out in our own garden when we got home – there is suddenly so much to do as everything leaps into life.


14 thoughts on “Under The Sun

  1. Very generous of you to give up your time and work so hard – I am sure it will all look splendid once it is established. (Sorry, that sounds a little old-fashioned but I am reading some lady’s wartime diaries at the moment and I think the way she speaks must have rubbed off on me).

  2. I’m very impressed by your colourful planting plan, like you I do my planning in my head though I have started making lists of plants for different areas of the garden, sounds like a very worth while and rewarding day I imagine your mum-in-law is very pleased and grateful to you both, Frances

  3. A job well done ~ all that is needed are some little and often soft spring showers and it should look good when it all knits together. Isn’t Malvern great for plant shopping?

  4. Phew – I feel exhausted just reading about it, and that plan looks lovely. I can see from the final shot that it should work out well…

    (Must go and have a nice sit down and rest)

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