Spring at Dyffryn

Early in April, just hours before tragic events sent us spiralling across the country, my sister and I spent a lovely sunny afternoon at Dyffryn Gardens, near Cardiff.

Images of Dyffryn House and gardens, near Cardiff, April

Here is a mostly wordless selection of my favourite pictures from that beautiful afternoon.

Heathers, wood anemones, bluebells and wild flowers at Dyffryn Gardens, near Cardiff

Daffodils at Dyffryn.

We loved these swathes of sunny daffodils that drifted along a gentle bank, and beneath the gnarled arms of an old spreading tree.

Fritillary, primula, viburnum and narcissus at Dyffryn Gardens, April

Hyacinth in stone planter, Dyffryn Gardens

The deep purple of these hyacinths and primulas against the blue spring sky was wonderful.

Daffodils along base of stone balustrade, Dyffryn Gardens

Magnolias at Dyffryn Gardens, April

And the magnolias… they were just breathtaking against the deep blue skies. It was the kind of day meant for walking beneath majestic magnolias, and as luck would have it, Dyffryn has a large collection of these trees to be admired.

Weeping willow at Dyffryn Gardens in spring

Close up of willow catkins at Dyffryn Gardens

This majestic weeping willow made my heart sing, spangled with sunshine and catkins, and formed one of my favourite scenes.

Formal areas at Dyffryn Gardens in spring

Hyacinth display at Dyffryn Gardens

As we moved to the more formal areas of the garden, we were greeted by the intoxicating scent of beds of hyacinths; some sections planted with purple, others with cool white, accompanied by primroses and simple tulips in complementary colours.

Tulips beneath magnolia at Dyffryn Gardens

Tulips at Dyffryn Gardens

There were many different tulips in small drifts in the walled gardens and massed in larger schemes by the balustrades and stonework of the House, all looking splendid.

Tulips in the formal gardens of Dyffryn House

It had been about five months since my last visit to these gardens; an entirely different display from the rich tones of autumn, and just as rewarding. A wonderful day, held carefully, separately, in my memory from the events that followed. I hope to return to these gardens in the summer, perhaps, and follow their progress through the seasons. I’m sure that I shall not be disappointed.


12 thoughts on “Spring at Dyffryn

  1. you can also see clearly that it was sunny at the beginning of the month. I’m glad you ahve some happy memories of the month. Christina

    • Yes, I thought that afternoon that it was going to be a glorious month. We had such a happy day. Spring was well and truly sprung. Then everything came apart…

  2. Dyffryn is a beautiful place. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few times since we moved to Wales. I hear that it is to be taken on by the National Trust. Hopefully the gardens will go from strength to strength

    • Yes there was information at the entrance pertaining to the transfer to National Trust. As you say, it should help the restoration of these lovely gardens no end.

  3. I’ve never visited these gardens-a serious omission which I shall attempt to rectify in the near future as it is not that far-thank you for the prompt!

  4. Dyffryn looks a beautiful spot Sara – will make a note of the name in case we are ever in that neck of the woods.

  5. a splendid array of Spring softly making a return (like a lamb then to be followed like a lion in so many ways). It made a great comparison with Autumn and so a collection of seasonal changes will be wonderful to view
    p.s. checked out your photostream – see there is a bench dedication to you here
    p.p.s chunky knit baby blanket looked cosy and fun to make too. Did I miss something?
    p.p.p.s – how do you pronounce Dyffryn?

    • Thanks Laura.
      (i) Not sure who my namesake is that has a bench at Dyffryn beneath the birches, but it caught my eye in the autumn.
      (ii) My best friend (to whom I was bridesmaid last summer) had a baby girl at the end of March; the blanket was for her! Great fun to knit, though the needles were so big they felt like toys.
      (iii) I believe the emphasis is on the first syllable, and it is a kind of flat u sound: somewhere between ‘der-fryn’ and ‘duh-fryn’. But I’m a Hampshire girl, not a native… 😉

  6. I’ve just moved back to South Wales and am looking for new places to explore, so this is def. on my to explore list in the very near future. Its nice to see a bit of colour. Just waiting for the sunshine now.

    • I definitely recommend these gardens. They have a nice little kitchen garden too, and a newly restored glasshouse.
      Hope we get some sun soon!

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