It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Summer…

Early summer in the gardenSaturday found me thoughtful and quiet: perhaps the result of a restless night listening to the wind. Up and outside early, I struggled for a while to apply myself to anything. Instead, I pottered in the garden, sometimes transferring seedlings from the greenhouse or outside staging to spaces in the borders, sometimes pulling out errant weeds, and sometimes just sitting on the bench with a cup of tea, dipping in and out of a book or looking across the borders, almost watching them grow.

Late May glimpses of the garden

It was a hot day with fierce dry winds blasting across the garden constantly. The bench nestled beneath the trees provided welcome shade and shelter until mid-afternoon, while the roar of the wind through the branches above was almost deafening.

Emerging bud on the old yellow rose

Linaria marrocana 'Sweeties' raised from seed

I planted out bulb fennel and celeriac seedlings, while King of the Hill tied up the broad beans; columns of black and white flowers holding promise of the harvest to come. Late in the day, I spotted scapes forming on the hardneck garlic, which I snipped off and took into the house. Generous chopped handfuls were cooked for a few minutes and stirred into pasta with chilli, lemon juice and tuna; a fiery but delicious dish.

Garlic scapes harvested

Salad with homegrown leaves and mustard flowers

We’re continuing to harvest loose leaf lettuce, curly cress, spinach, red frills mustard and watercress from the greenhouse and small polytunnel, along with giant crimson radishes, keeping us in daily salads. The first British tomatoes are available to buy now, although our plants are still a month or more from bearing fruit, as are the cucumbers which have not begun to flower yet.

Fruits forming in late May; green peaches, strawberries and courgette buds

Despite the tempestuous winds this month, the peach tree is covered with fuzzy green fruit, which will need thinning soon to allow some to develop to full size. Green fruit are also fattening on strawberries and raspberry canes, while the squash and courgette plants have transferred happily from greenhouse to garden, and the first courgette flowers are just thinking about opening.

Cows in the lush fields beside the house

Hawthorn tree in bloom above flowering strawberry planters

The landscape sparkles in the sun, and fulsome hawthorn blossom tumbles through the hedgerows and adorns the tree at the bottom of our garden. The cats disappear from dawn to dusk, and sometimes late into the night, dropping by from time to time to roll in the dry dust and chase each other through the garden.

Cat languidly rolling in the sun

Sunday brought slightly cooler sunshine, the winds eased and I felt slightly more ‘myself’. The garlic scapes featured in the kitchen again as the weekend drew to a close, with a visit from friends and the first barbecue of the season, sitting out together until the evening sunshine crept off the back garden and the temperature dropped. We shared the last of the ice cream made from last year’s strawberries, just in time for the new season to begin.

I could get used to days like these…


8 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Summer…

  1. The weather is beautiful. I’m having trouble sleeping at the moment what with the heat and hay fever, so may well have to have a siesta. Some rain on a night would be nice but I don’t want this weather to come to an end. It’s so good not to be wrapped up in a multitude of layers any more.

    • It has been very humid some nights, a sleepless night makes the following day rather surreal for me, really tricky on a work day! All weekend we have thrown doors and windows open, with curtains drawn on the sunny side, and the house has been much cooler. If only we could do that while we were at work too! But I agree, it is still nice to be free of jumpers and jackets.

  2. it’s all come together now Sara and lovely to see, I remember sleepless nights then work next day not a good combination, even though I don’t go out to work now a sleepless night recks havoc with the days, I can hardly believe we have even had warm weather up here, you could leave curtains closed when you go to work, that is what I used to do with a south facing diningroom I once had or it would be too hot to eat, Frances

    • Indeed, we have been leaving curtains/blinds at least partly drawn on the east and south side, which does make quite a difference in keeping the house cool, especially in our bedroom and the kitchen, even when we’re home.

  3. It has been rather a startling change – from squelching about on sodden lawns to rushing about trying to keep everything watered. I am pretty mesmerised by hawthorn the the moment. D

    • The hawthorn’s voluminous isn’t it? The hot weather doesn’t feel quite real yet, if we woke tomorrow to cold and rain I think I would just shrug and accept that it had been a dream…

  4. Glad you are feeling more yourself Sara – and all those photos paint an idyllic scene, perfect for pottering and a little reading and lots of tea. I am not a fan of heat, it saps my energy and makes me very lazy indeed. I am slightly envious of your edibles, one way and another we won’t have anything much this year, allotment handed over to fil’s tender care, but boy do I have plans for next year…

    • Thanks, Janet. Shame about your edibles this year, but I’m sure you’ll still get to enjoy some bounty with your family from the plot – and perhaps some late summer crops in a corner of your new garden. Next year will be another story indeed, I’m really looking forward to following your progress.

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