We woke yesterday to discover that our lovely, gentle, happy cat Willow had been hit by a car just a few metres up our country lane. We buried her in the garden that she loved so much. Devastated.

Black and white cat in the raspberry patch, April 2012

Six month old cat on windowsill looking out at the fields

Cat walking beside the greenhouse in the sun

Young cat sleeping in a seed tray in the greenhouse, a favourite place

Two cats curled together behind a cucumber plant in the corner of the greenhouse

Cat stretching on a tree stump

Two cats, partners in crime, surveying their kingdom

Two cats, partners in crime, eating grass

Cat patrolling the garden borders

Cats in the garden in winter

Cat in a horse chestnut tree in winter

Cat on a tree stump in the garden

Cat sniffing sedum leaves in summer

I like to think that she is curled up on my Dad’s lap somewhere, soft and warm, purring like a tractor.


24 thoughts on “Lost

  1. I am so very sorry for your loss, I cannot help feeling that cats are people too 🙂 Our first cat also got hit by a car, and I reckon she’ll be with my Dad…. 😀 Much love x

  2. So sorry to hear this sad news. Cats are really like members of the family and it’s hard when you lose one like this. I feel sympathy too for Willow’s brother / sister, who must feel the loss even more keenly.

    • Thanks Mark. It’s really hard; her brother is grieving too, he has become more clingy and is sleeping more than ever, and mewing more, but seems to be okay, I just feel sad that no matter how much we cuddle him and play with him it will never be the same as having a fellow cat.

  3. Oh no – what a shame. Poor lovely. And poor you.

    Well, I know all the cats our family ever had are curled up on my mum’s cloud (her cloud probably made of fag smoke, mind you) purring away at her feet, so I’m sure she’s on your Dad’s knee somewhere. Definitely.

  4. Thank you all. It was a huge shock. She had so much character, and was such a happy, loving cat. You just don’t realise how deep in the fabric of every day they are woven until they are suddenly gone. Her brother is obviously missing her, but we are giving him lots of love and attention and he hasn’t lost his purr.

  5. I’m so sorry, it is awful to lose a beloved cat. I lost one to illness and buried her ashes under a favourite rose, perhaps you could memorialise Willow the same way?

  6. oh Sara I am so sad to read this, I remember your post when you first got Willow and Xander it seems like yesterday and I’ve enjoyed your posting their growth and antics, hugs to you all, Frances

  7. So very sorry for your loss. Willow looks beautiful in your photos and I can truly understand how it must feel as they are so much part of the household. Each cat has their own unique nature and slowly and surely become an integral part of our lives…

  8. What a beautiful cat, and much loved too, I can tell. I have lost many kitties over the years, and every one breaks my heart, but I always move on and find another to love.

    • She was very well loved. I’ve never lost one this way before; my childhood spanned the lives of two generations of family cats who lived to ripe old age.

  9. So sorry to read this post. The same thing happened to my favourite cat a few weeks after we moved here, I was so upset. I am sure you miss her greatly, such sad news, gutted for you. Bethx

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