V is for…

… Verbena bonariensis, stems of which have suddenly shot up to about 6 foot tall around the garden and are just beginning to flower.

Verbena bonariensis flowers

Much as I love this plant, I shall have to thin it out a little in this area, as it has eschewed transparency to form rather an impenetrable barrier near our little terrace.

Thicket of Verbena bonariensis stems

In the greenhouse, there is more verbena raised from seed; a shorter form (V. Obsession Bordeaux) in the hanging baskets that I have just planted up, ready to grace the newly-fixed brackets around the house (thanks to King of the Hill).


V is also for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am very touched that Kate at katiepede.wordpress.com  recently nominated me for this award. Thank you, Kate. However (bah humbug alert), I must confess that I have always been rather stubborn about not partaking in chain-events, in whatever format, however well-intentioned. I hope that you will forgive me for not joining in. I am thrilled that people read and comment on my ramblings here, and it’s lovely to feel appreciated, but I just don’t feel comfortable with this syntax…

As I wrote to Kate:

I just feel a bit uncomfortable about that kind of thing. Not sure if it’s just my anti-chain-thing stance, or rebelling against the system 🙂 or just not feeling obliged to put prescribed amounts of personal information out there (there’s plenty in my scrawlings already!).

Do visit her blog, though; which overflows with enthusiasm for nature, with a variety of plants and wildlife.


14 thoughts on “V is for…

  1. This is one of my signature plants; it self seeds profusely so if it grows in the wrong place I either compost it or transplant it to a more suitable area. Mine aren’t so tall this year, they need a little rain (joke – not very likely!). they flower for months and look great through the winter, not to mention that the bees and butterflies love them. Christina

    • It is a lovely plant. I grew these from seed last year and they put on a great display, bulking up more through the winter so they definitely require a little editing now! I transplanted one large clump further down the garden yesterday, and pulled out some other wayward stems, so things are a little less congested now.

  2. I share your views on the awards issue. Although well-intentioned, most of them are really just chain-letters dressed up, usually geared towards generation of more blog traffic. My “Mark’s Veg Plot Chilli Award”, on the other hand, is a way of recognising real merit [as viewed from my perspective, of course!] 🙂

  3. I dont respond to awards either as it reminds me of those awful chain letters then went round when I was a kid and you felt bullied into doing them. I know they are well meant but….

    I love Verbena B – my collection seems to have diminished this year but I have a tray of seedlings in the greenhouse to add to them so no doubt next year I will be complaining about impenitrible hedges

    • I’m glad it’s not just me! I felt like a bit of a curmudgeon…

      Verbena b. are lovely plants – though their transparent effect only holds together up to a certain size, so planting them right by the house was probably not the most sensible thing. They look much better for a bit of judicious editing though, and I can enjoy their soft purple haze as they come into flower. Yours will be romping by next year, certainly.

  4. I’m with you on the awards thing as well; it’s good to be nominated, but…

    My Bonarensis has just gone insane as well; I think it’s decided that we’re not going to get a summer, so it might as well get on with it. I wish my courgettes would draw the same conclusion…

  5. I agree on the award sentiments Sara and know some bloggers have a badge saying ‘award free blog’
    I’m surprised your verbena is growing so well with all your rain and low temps, as I’ve seen them on so many blogs I thought of getting some but read they like very dry soil and heat so didn’t think they were a good idea for my garden, might think again now as it always looks a very pretty plant, Frances

    • The verbena is flourishing here, I would certainly try it, I grew all ours from seed so there was little to lose if they didn’t grow well.

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