Anyone For Tennis?

We have been picking our strawberries daily for a few weeks now; different varieties from our strawberry patch on the ground and our planters on the wood store.

Strawberries in basket

Not just a handful here and there: bowls full of them. Last night’s harvest was over 700g in weight; the previous one about 750g.


We have already made strawberry muffins and strawberry sorbet from our fruit, frozen bags full for future batches of ice cream or sorbet and are eating masses every night.

I like to eat my strawberries as they come, at room temperature, unadulterated by sugar or cream.

Homemade meringues

But every now and then a freshly baked homemade meringue crumbled into the bowl with a splash of cream really hits the spot.

Home grown strawberries with meringue and cream



18 thoughts on “Anyone For Tennis?

  1. Normally I would say that I prefer Raspberries to Strawberries, but after your post I’m not so sure. They need Cornish Clotted Cream in my opinion!

    • Our first raspberries are ready this week too. We suddenly have fruit almost coming out of our ears! I love both fruits. Mmm clotted cream …

  2. I’m picking punnets of them too. Guess I’m going to have to freeze some as we’ve way too many to cope with at the moment and that’s after we’ve lost a lot to slugs and mould!!

    • We’ve had a few casualties to slugs too from our ground crops, but fortunately the strawberries are starting to outnumber them now.

  3. Your Eton Mess looks yummy – I have been eating mine for a few weeks too – but have nowhere near the quantity you do – good job really as I have no space in my freezer.

    • Our plants have just romped away, fortunately we have eaten most of last year’s harvests from our freezer and have a bit of space – we’ll need it when the beans start cropping too though!

    • It’s lovely to pick them and eat them still warm from the sun – like the surreptitious taster at a PYO farm but without the guilt 🙂
      We have a few rows which are trying to creep into the lawn, and four planters on the wood store roof which seem to be out of the reach of slugs and woodlice hurrah.

  4. I am not speaking to you *turns back and hrrumpfs*

    I have one strawberry. It’s been half red, half white for about a week. If it stopped raining I could get out there and check not over again. Grrrrrrrr. S’not fair.

    (BTW, they do look delicious with the meringue.)

    • 😦 Boo for your one strawberry. I guess we are somehow getting away with quite a bit of sun between showers, although it’s blowing a gale through the garden still and everything is at 45 degrees.
      Do you have rain today? I’ve just come in from a marathon 6-odd hour weeding session, and I think I have sunburn, oops. Didn’t notice with the wind sweeping across…

      • We had rain. We had sun. We had wind. And now we’re back to rain again. All the plants are sulking (and the gardener isn’t too thrilled either). When is summer supposed to start???

  5. Like you I like to eat them warm from the sun just as I pick them, in Italy it is usual to eat them sprinkled with a little sugar and lemon juice, it really brings out the flavour. Christina

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