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Is this the work of a leafcutter bee upon this Alchemilla mollis leaf?

Nibbled Alchemilla mollis leaf: the work of the leafcutter bee?

Or a slug with OCD? The slightly imperfect symmetry is quite startling…


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  1. Wow, that’s impressive.Can’t imagine what creature would have been so precise. It’s actually quite pretty. Obviously it would be incredibly annoying if it started to do it to more leaves but in isolation it’s fascinating. 🙂

    • I think Frances (below) has got to the bottom of it, it must be some form of ‘paper cut’ art worked on the bud. Have never seen anything like it before.

  2. Sara from a long distant memory of a question about this in a radio garden programme the answer was the ‘bite’ was probably made when the leaf was small and closed by something small (they did say possible bugs but I can’t remember that bit) the ‘hole’ then grows with the plant, it’s a bit like paper cuts in folded paper then you open it to a lacy pattern, beautiful on an already beautiful leaf, Frances

    • Frances, you’re brilliant, that sounds just right! What a wonderful thought, insects that create ‘paper-cut leaf art’ from ‘folded’ buds. I wonder if I could put a request in for some decorations for the windows … 🙂

      • Sara not me but one of the gardeners on GQT I think Pippa Greenwood but not absolutly sure, I took notice as I sometimes see this on my Lady’s Mantle and had wondered how it happened, I’ve never seen one as near perfect as yours though worth framing between 2 pieces of glass, love the idea of insect art to order 🙂 Frances

    • Ha! Think I would prove too club-fisted for such a delicate task, but if ever I find myself in need of a high-concentration challenge I’ll keep it in mind! 😀

  3. Yes – it will be a slug causing damage before the leaf unfolded. I used to get it on canna leaves which would unroll to reveal a straight row of circular holes beautifully punched out!

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