Wordless Wednesday: Summer Morning In The Garden

Early morning sun behind the greenhouse

Verbena bonariensis in early morning sun


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Summer Morning In The Garden

  1. Gorgeous light. I used to be an early riser but have become a bit of an owl which frustrates me because I miss out on that beautiful morning light.

    • Naturally I would tend towards owl over skylark given the choice too, though my ability to wake early is improving. Unfortunately work means a 6 am start on many days, but the upside is the wonderful light at this time of year, though I don’t have much time to linger and enjoy it. This was a quick capture!

  2. yes, the early morning light is lovely. I have been out in the garden this morning for a few minutes before heading off to work. Now I wish I could afford to stay at home and take some photos like yours!

    • These were snatched in the morning before I had to leave for work too, it would have been lovely to stay and ‘play’ outside instead!

    • Mornings are a bit of a struggle. If it wasn’t for work I would probably only push myself out of bed so early once or twice a year, and then in search of summer morning light like this.

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