First Time Blues

Aster x frikartii Mönch, planted earlier this year, has opened its first flowers.

Aster × frikartii 'Mönch'

They are quite stunning with their simple shape and cool colour. I have been hankering for this plant since I first saw it; it’s thrilling to watch it unfold in our own garden, the earliest of our asters into bloom.

Scabiosa caucasica 'Clive Greaves'

Another ‘new blue’ that has unfurled its petals in the last week or two is Scabiosa caucasica ‘Clive Greaves’.  I planted three of these as bare-roots last autumn, sadly the third plant has not appeared, but the remaining two have begun to bloom. The prominent petals that surround the characteristic pinhead centre give these flowers a very elegant appearance, floating on long thin stems.


13 thoughts on “First Time Blues

  1. Sara I’m envious of your aster x frikartii monch I bought one last year and it flowered beautifully despite the wet and windy weather but it didn’t come back this year our very, very wet winter must have done for it, love the scabiosa too, beautiful blues, Frances

    • Sorry to hear that Frances, how sad. Ours was only planted this spring, so I’ve yet to find out whether it will overwinter on our heavy clay, fingers are firmly crossed.

  2. Two of my favourites there. As an aster-aholic have you ever been to Picton Gardens near Malvern?They have the National Collection and it’s stunning in September.

    • It’s on my “hit list” but I haven’t made it there yet. We’re only just rediscovering the occasional free weekend after years of intensively working on the house and garden, might push for a visit next month if I can… the most I’ve seen in one place have probably been at RHS Wisley.

    • Thanks Mark. Probably the luck of the light! I find deep saturated reds and pinks are the hardest to capture here without washing out. And orange. The heleniums have been tricky.

  3. A beautiful aster Sara – I grow it along with ‘Little Carlow’ which the bees and butterflies love. I echo Wellwoman’s suggestion of visiting Picton Gardens if you get the chance. We have been there just after the Malvern Autumn Show a couple of times. The garden just sings out with colour from the asters and other late flowerers. Some most interesting shrubs and trees too.

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