With the arrival of a new cat (Faith), and inspired by a pattern I came upon online, I turned my hand to my first proper attempt at crochet, to make a ‘nest’ for her.

Crochet cat bed in progress

I bought some thick carpet yarn, in Berber wool, armed myself with a 7.5mm crochet hook, and within a few nights had constructed a surprisingly sturdy open cat bed. I love to use natural fibres and materials around the house, and particularly enjoy the contrast between the rich textures of chunky knits against the smooth surface of the leather sofa or slate floors. It’s a bonus that bulky wools knit or crochet up a lot faster too!

Xander on the nest during construction

Whenever I put my work-in-progress down on the sofa, I invariably found a cat sitting on it, which boded well, although it was Xander as often as Faith.

Xander in completed crochet cat basket

I’m really pleased with how it turned out – and so, it would appear, is Xander. We keep finding him sleeping in it.

Xander in crochet cat bed

Since it was completed, Faith hasn’t had a look-in. I think I’m going to have to start another one…

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