Wordless Wednesday: Verbascum

Backlit yellow verbascum flowers


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Verbascum

    • They self seed in my mother-in-law’s garden here. She’s given us some of the seedlings, so I’ll probably be cursing them in ours in the years to come! They are so beautiful though…

  1. Lovely photograph, but I am afraid I have never been able to see the appeal of verbascums! It just shows how different we all are, and more than likely the intrinsic reason for someone liking something may be the very reason someone else doesn’t like it! perhaps I can learn to like them…..?!

    • Ah, as they say it would be a dull world if we all liked the same things.
      I do love the spires of verbascums though, and especially the golden yellow of these wildlings, glowing in the sun…

  2. Ahah – I obviously need to see them with the sun shining through and on the flowers! I will watch out for such an opportunity and let you know how I get on….

  3. There are ornamental verbascums growing in the Chicago Botanic Garden’s English Walled Garden. The only other place I see them is in vacant lots. There’s a mail order garden center that sells a verbascum with white/pink flowers that look kind of like hollyhock flowers. They’re on my plant wish list.

    • I’ve grown a (short-lived) perennial Verbascum this year from seed, V chaixii album, which has shorter spires (only 2-3ft) of white flowers each containing furry purple anthers which give the appearance of a purple eye. They are rather lovely. They germinated readily from seed. I wonder if it’s the same as the one you’ve seen… I have some purple V. phoeniceum seedlings too which should flower next year.

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