A Drop Of Rain

This week has brought us a mixture of sunshine and heavy showers, sometimes both together.

Raindrops sparkling through sun on birch leaves and grass

It could almost be April again.

Raindrops lit by sunshine against horse chestnut tree

Most evenings this week have found King of the Hill up a ladder against the side of the house to clear another gutter.

Rain falling in sunshine over field

The world becomes pixellated by the cascades of raindrops glittering in the sun, while the horizons disappear into mist.

Rain falling on vegetable patch and greenhouse

I’ve never known our lanes so wet; water cascading from the fields to turn the roads into racing rivers, which twist and turn alongside the car, almost outpacing the wheels before turning and snarling at the tyres from deep pools.

Rain falling in sun on peach tree and runner beans

Living on a hilltop does have some advantages, as the water drains down and away, into the valley below.

Raindrops lit by sun against shed

Once our cars have safely navigated the waters home, we can watch the rain hammering down outside from a warm dry window, listening to reports of local road closures and more distant floods, and be thankful for our good fortune. The garden seems to be luxuriating in the attention. I hope the weather has been kind to you?


13 thoughts on “A Drop Of Rain

  1. Have you suggested to King of the Hill that it would be easier going up the ladder and clearing the gutters BEFORE all the rain…..? Like you, I found myself thinking ‘April’ today, having gone out in the warm sunshine and blue skies with no coats and being caught in several short but heavy showers while we were out. And like you too, I think our garden has enjoyed the rain so we can both be grateful for that.

    • Heh. He’s up there quite often, we seem to get quite a bit of dirt washing off the tiles and clogging up the gutters. Don’t notice it’s blocked until the first rain falls and the gutters overflow noisily.

  2. We have got off relatively lightly here in Hampshire, but it certainly hasn’t been very pleasant. Mind you, I haven’t had to water the garden with the hose this last week either!

    • It’s made for some hazardous driving conditions, though colleagues ‘up north’ have had it far worse! As long as our gardens don’t wash away, it’s pretty good for them.:)

  3. Hi,

    This latest bout of rain has been extremely frustrating; although I suppose I should be grateful we haven’t seen the flooding and havoc that those in the north east and Scotland had.
    I can’t believe the changes in the garden since the rain started; it’s really pushed a lot of plants into autumn now, just in a few days.

    • We still seem to be teetering on the edge of late summer in many parts of our garden, although leaves are starting to fall when the winds blow. The field border is beginning to look more autumnal, though I’m still waiting for several asters to break into flower.

  4. What incredible descriptions of the weather and those images of shadowy, hardly visible, hills in the distance. Looks more like winter than autumn; I’m glad you’re safely upp your hill and can look down on flooded roads and fields. Christina

    • Thanks Christina, the misty horizons and interplay of light and water were something to behold, I definitely prefer to watch from a sheltered spot indoors than wrestle with the weather first-hand!

  5. Really like the pictures of the misty landscape. Though the worst of the drought is over here, the soil is still pretty dry. I just used the soaker hose to water my new dogwood tree.

    • Thanks.
      No danger of a drought here: restrictions were placed across the country early this spring, but only lasted a few weeks before what turned out to be rather a wet summer. For the past week, there has been heavy rain and lots of flooding in parts of the UK. Our soil is far from dry now!
      Ooh new dogwood tree, lovely…

  6. Few things beat being snug indoors watching the rain hammer down outside. Particularly if you feel smug because you finally got around to clearing out the guttering, something we have been doing to!

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