Pure Morning

The morning light in October is just as delightful as that in September.

Borage and calendula in early October sun

A sunny morning throws stems and leaves into sharp relief, and extols the flowers to sing.

Fennel flowers/seedheads in October sun

The flower heads of Florence fennel bulbs, saturated with dew, glow in shades of lemon and lime.

Early October morning: fields and skies

Rivers of mist in the valley overflow before vanishing without a trace, as the sun climbs higher and explodes the shadows of the hills beyond.

Backlit leaves of Carpinus japonica in October morning light

The strong shapes of our Japanese hornbeam saplings’ leaves are highlighted by the soft low light.

Dewdrops on coppiced wood framework early October morning

And dewdrops line up along the supporting framework for these to-be-pleached hornbeams and glint in the sun.


10 thoughts on “Pure Morning

    • Cool mornings here though, but the light is so clear. Yes, those are indeed sedum flowerheads behind the framework, their pinks just beginning to darken now – these are Autumn Joy I suspect.

  1. I am sulking that your florence fennel are big enough to have bulbs and even more so flowers – am jealous

    • 😦 if it’s any consolation, now these have bolted they will probably be too woody to eat, though we have enjoyed a couple earlier in the summer in salads.

  2. There are so many of these little delights awaiting us in the garden, and the discipline of writing a blog make’s a good ‘prod’ to go out and look for them – and capture them on film too. I love the dew drops in particular. When will the pleaching take place? What a great project it will be!

    • Glistening autumn mornings draw me into the garden with my camera. It’s great to have a medium to share what I love.
      The hornbeam were planted as tiny whips and are only a foot or two tall. We will pleach them as they grow, tying them into the frame we have built of coppiced wood and ultimately together, rubbing out buds in the wrong direction. It is definitely a long-term project this! There is a post in my archives…

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