Wordless Wednesday: Painted Lady

Painted lady butterfly on Scabious Fire King


13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Painted Lady

    • Thanks! The flowers are the annual Scabious ‘Fire King’, which does complement Knautia beautifully. (If you hover your cursor over any of my pics there’s often a bit more info in the title that comes up.)
      I like the small tortoiseshell butterfly in the background too.

  1. aarh Painted Lady I saw those the same day as I took my Red Admiral photo but they wouldnt stay still long enough for a photo.

    Happy Wordless Butterfly day!

    • They are so pretty. When I first identified them in our garden, I thought the name Painted Lady seemed rather over-dramatic for such quiet colouring, but I’ve revised my opinion since.

    • Thanks. Hope that next summer is sunnier and they return to you in droves! We’ve seen quite a few here all through the summer, along with Small Tortoiseshells (by the dozen), Red Admirals and Commas.

      • I think it depends on how mild your winters are – I cloched mine last year and they survived really well though winter, I then cut them back in spring and they re-sprouted wonderfully. Bx

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