To The Skies

On the first cold clear days of November, murmurations of starlings ebb and flow through the skies.

A murmuration of starlings over the fields

A murmuration of starlings over the fields

Moving as one fluid entity, it’s a sight that always stops me in my tracks.

A murmuration of starlings in the sky

A murmuration of starlings in the sky

A murmuration of starlings in the sky

A murmuration of starlings in the skyOn clear sunny mornings their path often seems to cross overhead, giving us front row seats for their spectacular acrobatics before they disperse for the day. When dusk falls and they gather once more, we sometimes glimpse their resumed dance further away, an inky shape silhouetted on the horizon against the setting sun.

November sunset

Tonight the starlings were gone before the last rays of sun licked around the clouds to give a spectacle of a different kind. November skies can hold so much beauty…


14 thoughts on “To The Skies

  1. Your description of the starlings is perfect; I too am stopped in my tracks by their movement. Plus we had a very similar sunset this evening. How nice that we share some of the same things even though we are so far apart. Your views are pretty stunning too! Christina

    • Thanks, Christina. What a lovely thing to share, and the world doesn’t seem so big sometimes! We are really lucky with our views, big skies at this time of year. I was very fortunate to be out in the garden with my camera when the swallows came over this time, usually they catch me camera-less and I just stand and stare.

  2. Lovely, almost makes me forget what a pest the starlings are around here. I thought we had them in big numbers – clearly they can gather in much larger flocks than I’ve ever seen.

    • Sorry they’re a pest for you, they don’t really trouble us here, just give us this lovely spectacle each autumn/winter as they gather into these groups. This is a small flock compared with some of the more spectacular murmurations seen around the country.

  3. I’ve worked on a project in Mallorca where we’ve had to count the starlings in their murmuration. It’s rather tricky when there’s 2 million+ of them!

    • Crumbs – I don’t envy you that – the counting that is! They don’t exactly stand still either! Amazing to be involved in such a project though. 🙂

  4. What a privilege to witness this from your own garden – just as long as the starlings don’t abuse your hospitality by roosting there! And your sunset photo is wonderful….

    • Privilege indeed. I think they roost in nearby farm buildings and trees, our garden wouldn’t be big enough fortunately, so they just pass by overhead.

  5. Love watching starlings. They are such cheeky little birds with lots of personality. In the last month or so they have started to take up residence on the electric wires and tv aerials at the back of our house. Loving watching them.

  6. We used to see a lot of starling activity round here but not any more, they must have all come to your place. It certainly is a sight to see.

  7. What a breathtaking sight. Starlings used to gather in vast numbers on the nearby bridge over the Mersey a few years ago but were too distracting for motorists especially when they took flight. Sadly the local council had to instal anti starling devices so putting an end to these gatherings.

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