Homegrown Christmas

It’s possible to grow a considerable range of produce for the Christmas dinner table, from potatoes to salad.

Homegrown sprouts and parsnips for Christmas

In our garden, we concentrate on just a few crops for our festive meal. We prepared and steamed the leafy buttons from a stem of plump Brussels sprouts, and several large sweet parsnips – though one or two of these roots that we dug up appeared rotten in the centre and were unusable.

We picked handfuls of fresh herbs; particularly thyme and sage, which was joined by onions that had been harvested a few months ago and stored in a cool cupboard, to make stuffing.

Bubble and squeak using sprout tops

Even the leafy tops of the sprout stems were put to good use; blanched and cooked up in a bubble-and-squeak, a great dish for leftovers. Combined and fried up with mashed potato and chunks of leftover meat, then topped with a fried egg, they made a fine meal.

Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas – did you enjoy any harvests from your garden?


15 thoughts on “Homegrown Christmas

  1. We had the same as you – sprouts and parsnips. Oh, and Runner Beans, albeit from the freezer. What did you think of the Sprout Tops? Some people find them rather too strong-tasting.

    • Ah yes, we still have beans in the freezer too, though we didn’t have any this week.
      We enjoyed the sprout tops, they didn’t seem as strongly flavoured as the sprouts themselves – KOTH has a strong dislike of sprouts, but he enjoyed the tops in this, much to his own surprise. He’s threatening to send me out into the garden for some more for another bubble and squeak – but no more sprouts!

  2. Well done you – if we had been at home there was nothing in the homegrown veg line we could have had. Oh, except tomatoes (from the freezer) – nice with a breadcrumb topping. You didn’t grow any early potatoes in a bucket, then? Neither did we!

  3. My sprouts haven’t made yet. 😦 Guess I planted them too late. Yours look delicious! We did have sweet potatoes and carrots at Christmas that were from our garden, though.

    • Our sprouts were almost too early, some were just starting to blow! Impressed that you grew sweet potatoes – and had Christmas carrots. We had a terrible crop of carrots this year, even in summer.

  4. We had our own potatoes, parsnips and onions. Carrots were hopeless this year and long gone. Turkey came from a friend who raises half a dozen a year in her orchard. All other meat came from our local butcher so we tried quite hard to make it local!

  5. Oh what a good haul Sara and all the more tasty for being your own. We were away for Christmas so missed out on that bubble and squeak, which I often enjoy more than the big meal itself.

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