When The Fields Turned To Water

King of the Hill took these photos of the submerged moor along the floor of the valley near us on a recent walk.

Submerged fields, South Wales

Submerged moorland

Pylon in floodwaters of submerged field, South Wales

Even on our hilltop, the grass of the lawn squelches under foot. With the valley floors saturated, there is nowhere for the water to drain to. It has been a very wet winter so far.

12 thoughts on “When The Fields Turned To Water

  1. We saw so much water in the fields when we were in the UK, you could see that the ground was completely saturated and no more water could be absorbed. Christina

  2. It’s really sodden; same here. I’ve just been walking around me, and the fields are similarly deep, all the ditches are either full or have burst their banks and the streams are ferocious. And it’s incredibly windy, pushing the tide in……

    • We’ve never known it so wet around here. When the tide’s up, some of the lanes become almost impassable in places. And yes, the wind is fierce since yesterday.

  3. A most sad and worrying sight isn’t it? We traveled eastwards for Christmas by train passing by miles and miles of submerged fields. I had made the same journey less than a month before but it had deteriorated even further. Let’s hope for a cold dry spell soon.

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