Early Sensation

The fifth of January, and the first buds of our Rijnveld’s Early Sensation daffodils have burst into song.

Narcissus Rijnveld's Early Sensation flowering in early January

Their golden trumpets are a joy so early in the season – before even the first snowdrops have unfurled, and while other varieties of narcissus around the garden are barely pushing up green shoots.

Narcissus Rijnveld's Early Sensation flowering in early JanuaryWhat a thrill it was to step outside this morning and be greeted by these cheery faces.


20 thoughts on “Early Sensation

  1. Nooooo! (Actually saw some ordinary municipal daffs in flower outside Harlech today. Quite an exposed site, as well. It’s all wrong – but at least yours are nearly right.)

  2. Hi,

    Wow, that is early! As others have stated, Snowdrops are appearing here and I think I’ve spotted some Daffs coming up but I don’t have many and they’re usually later bloomers so I probably won’t see any for a few months yet.

    Very cheerful indeed, hrm I’m almost tempted to get some for myself too!

    • These daffodils were ‘early’ in mid-February last year, their first year. This is quite unexpected, but delightful. Nice to extend the daffodil season a little – particularly with ‘real’ trumpet daffodils in such a pure yellow. I’m not a fan of the shift towards orange and pink in daffodil breeding…

  3. Sensational! I had no idea that there were daffs that emerged so early. Must admit I am torn, to me this is snowdrop and hellebore season, daffs and all that yellow comes later. But oh, how cheerful…

    • I know, I didn’t choose these with the intention of turning the seasons topsy-turvy. Last year, ‘early’ meant mid-February, which was perfect. But I can’t fail to be won over by these clear beautiful yellow flowers – and they are only out the front, with no immediate competition from hellebores and snowdrops. Though that may change in the border in time…

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