Helleborus argutifolius

Helleborus argutifolius flowers


14 thoughts on “Helleborus argutifolius

  1. Just love hellebores. Have booked myself on a talk at Ashwood nurseries so I can indulge further!

  2. I love all hellebores but with me argutifolius seeds all over the place and is annoyingly difficult to move! so I have a whole rank of them in what is supposed to be a herb garden!

    • Ah. From here the thought of it self-seeding is exciting, but I can imagine that doesn’t last! May have to remember to dead head mine when I’ve had enough. Our herb bed is plagued with centranthus, not at all unexpected, but now I have to think about somewhere more suitable to move them to reclaim order for the herbs.

    • I love hellebores too, and planted our first ones last year as we didn’t seem to inherit any here. My mum gave me three more for Christmas too. It’s wonderful to watch them come into flower, and as they settle in and spread, future years shall be full of them. You can’t have too many, right?

  3. I’ve just come across your lovely picture of a hellebore. Mine seem really behind this year compared to previous years – I don’t know why. But perhaps they’ll all come out together and I’ll have wonderful display. Hope so.

    • Thanks for stopping to say hello! This is the first hellebore I’ve known flower in our garden yet – I added some last year after renovating the borders we inherited. There are big fat buds on the hybrid plants that I planted at the same time as this, I’m looking forward to watching them unfurl too. The serrated leaves and cool green flowers of this one are pretty special though.
      Perhaps just as well your hellebores are hanging back, with a spell of cold weather on us again. Fingers crossed you get your show, if a little later than hoped.

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