Like much of the country, we woke to a mostly black and white world.

Snowy Garden

A working day still, alas. The double-edged sword of working in technology means that while there is electricity and an internet connection, there is no such thing as a “snow day”. It did give me the chance to swap meeting rooms and a buzzing office for my quiet desk at home though, after a week that has been particularly demanding of my time and energy.

Snow on road sign in the village

It also gave opportunity to take a break; for a walk out into this magical world, down the hill and around the village, while the snow continued to blow relentlessly across the landscape, as local children built igloos and slid down the hills.

I am still enchanted by the first days of snowfall, this pristine white world that yet remains unsullied as the snow continues to blow across the land. Tomorrow, with no other demands on our time, I look forward to exploring it further…


14 thoughts on “Softly

    • Thanks, Christina. Don’t think we’ll have blue skies and sunshine this year, alas, but it will be lovely to get out and explore nonetheless.

  1. I like the set of footprints trudging to the bottom of the garden and, like Christina, I also look forward to seeing the fruits of your walk tomorrow.

    • They had disappeared by this evening in the later snow – I hope we do get out and about for a good walk tomorrow, though it may just be snapshots if it’s still snowing…

  2. I was wondering how you were, glad you didn’t have to drive anywhere, though from I have been hearing, you wouldn’t have got in to Bristol! I love the magic of newly fallen snow too, and we have a good 6″ here to make me grin. Lovely and crunchy underfoot…

    • The roads have sounded treacherous, I don’t think we’d have got far. Glad that the sea doesn’t swallow all your snow, and you get to enjoy it too!

    • Mostly it’s a nuisance, especially in a country where everything grinds to a halt at the first flakes, but the first day or two are so magical. Snow does certainly make a winter…

  3. I also have the luxury of being able to work from home when it snows though I too snuck out for a walk and fresh air and to see the snowy scenes

    • Sounds perfect. It is a luxury being able to work from home, although part of me completely envied the schoolchildren who could just shrug off the day to play guiltlessly in the snow.

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