No fresh snow fell overnight, though all night long the tireless winds blew about what was already on our hilltop.

Saturday morning snowy scene

This morning, I took advantage of the temporary truce to explore our garden gently.

Cats in the snow

I was accompanied by two very curious cats, for whom this is their first encounter with snow. Where it was deepest, they moved by springing on all four paws simultaneously, surprisingly quickly; while on the shallower areas they resumed a more natural gait, albeit with quite a bit of slipping and sliding. Faith made constant little mews as she leapt around the garden, utterly perplexed by this white stuff.

Daffodils in the snow

I uncovered the daffodil heads as best I could, freeing them from the snow that had bent them face down upon the ground. Those that are still in bud remain upright and carefree, but the early flowers seem rather taken aback by this assault.

Snow on wood around the garden

Around the garden, the snow had been wind-sculpted on the fences and woodstores, and on cabbages and stalks of sprouts. The rows of garlic just peeked through their blanket.

Snow around the garden

Each post and gate wore a thick crust of snow on the windward side. Before we could venture further afield once more, the leaden skies advanced again and the snowfall resumed, while we turned back to warm ourselves by the fire and wait for a gap in the weather.


12 thoughts on “Drift

    • I think it’s quite modest compared to other parts of the country, but it is still rather pretty. I hope we make it out for a walk too, though it feels rather pleasantly decadent to be curled up by the fire with a book, and the world outside not quite so inviting…

  1. You definitely have more snow than us, though a lot of ours seems to have been scoured into drifts where it gets the chance. I’m sure your daffs will be all right; I had to free some from snow a few years ago and they were fine.

  2. Must have been fascinating to see the cats in action! I was watching the chaffinches yesterday, their tummies brushing the snow into little flurrries every time they hopped forward! We haven’t had any more today yet, but it is still all strangely quiet apart from the bird noise.

  3. Apparently, when I was about three, I was found sobbing, lying on the ground, my arms outstretched in a vain attempt to protect the daffs from the wind that was blowing them flat. I’ve since learned that they are tough little blighters, so hopefully even your early ones will shrug off the snow and carry on defying the grey. Beautiful photos, I love that first one in particular.

  4. Oh what a glorious adventure for your cats. It’s amazing just how quickly the plants perk up after cold spells. I’m not so sure what the effect though will be of treading on some emerging daffs with my size 7 feet earlier today. They were not there the last time I looked.

    • I suspect one of our shortcuts back across the garden may have encroached on the snowdrops pushing up at the front of the swell of the long border. Oops. So hard to see the edges when snow is thick upon everything.

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