Fresh snow continued to fall for the first few days and nights of this week, creating whirlwinds of white beneath the brooding skies.

Snow falling

We lay awake long into the night, listening to the fierce winds and the soft slap of snow driven against the house. Like many people, I find that a few days of crisp white snow is more than enough for me; the pleasure is soon overtaken by the inconvenience as it lingers and refreezes in more menacing sheets of ice.

I have seen redwings in the garden all week alongside our usual visitors, silently turning over the snow in their quest for food; they too quickly tire of this winter weather.

Snow formations

Today, though, the sun came out for the first time in over a week, the birds were singing, and the monotonous monochromous world was re-painted anew with blue skies, the golden sun and patches of bright green re-emerging from beneath their shroud. With the forecasts finally free of more immediate snow falls, the thaw has begun.

Thawing snow

I crept out for a brisk lunchtime walk, down lanes that ran with the meltwater – this could cause its own problems, as the fields are still too saturated with water to absorb any more, and a further freeze will turn the wet roads to glass.

Black cat running in the snow

In the garden, the cats were bouncing around in the remaining snow, though Faith favoured the stepping stones which had re-appeared like buttons.

Black and white cat crouching in snow

The daffodils look slightly bowed, but otherwise unharmed by the ravages of the weather.

Daffodils in thawing snow

Their golden trumpets still make a pretty contrast against the white white snow, while the growing patches of green are a welcome relief from the recent stark snowscape. It’s astonishing how quickly the senses are dulled by the limited palette of white and grey, as the horizons come and go beneath the clouds.

Thawing icicle

Despite the snow still lying on the ground, the wintry scenes outside and low temperatures, I am caught unawares by a fleeting moment mid-afternoon; a lightening of heart. The blue sky, the glow of the sun, trilling bird song, the drone of a plane overhead: suddenly these come together and the moment sings of spring. Softly. Slowly. It’s on its way.

Daffodil flower against snow

I can’t wait.

14 thoughts on “Thaw

  1. it seems strange having patches of green appearing – we are not there yet, just a gradual widening of the paths – your garden will suddenly seem really colourful after all the grey and white!

  2. The daffodils look lovely against the snow, they must be an early variety, the ones in my garden are only just peaking out of the ground. Its lovely. My cat hates walking on the snow so would definitely be doing like yours is and using the stepping stones!

    • Thank you; these are Rijnveld’s Early Sensation, in their second year since planting, so they are indeed an early variety but still surprised me. Last year they flowered mid-February, but this year they have raced away, beginning to open just a week into the new year!
      Our other varieties are still just pushing green shoots up.

  3. Glorious sun-drenched photos Sara. Our ground is sodden, even without the snow you have had, our “lawn” is pure mud in places. Hope you don’t have too many floods, and enjoy the sun. I would too but they keep promising it and then reneging!!

    • Pesky changeable weather forecasts! Our snow has melted completely now, to leave very wet ground too (the field next to us is much muddier than usual too).

  4. glad your snow has retreated Sara, I am amazed you have daffodils out most of mine haven’t even peeked out through their earthy home yet, your loaf sounds interesting and yummy, the thing about working from home is you can get side tracked into other things though is does also give the opportunity to organise your day more productively, the benifit of the snow is people can’t just drop in knowing your working from home when ever they fancy, the days are getting longer, Frances

    • Our other daff varieties are still making their way up through the earth, it’s just these Rijnveld’s Early Sensation that have been blooming their socks off for over three weeks now!

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