Hocus Crocus

A sunny day pulled me into the garden this weekend, though the day was cold and the icy wind unrelenting. Still, the sun felt warm upon my back as I worked, lighting up emerging shoots and buds, drawing open a second slender Crocus tommasinianus that has sprung unbidden from the crown of another plant.

Crocus tommasinianus flower

A welcome surprise, which is to be transplanted to the front of the border once it  has finished flowering, along with its sibling which appeared a few weeks earlier in the opposite border, tucked up beside a sleeping corm of Crocosmia Lucifer.

This was not the only surprise which greeted me in the garden this weekend; I had almost missed the first dark gold and bronze buds of Crocus chrysanthus ‘Zwanenburg Bronze’ as they pushed up this week, opening with a flourish beneath the sun’s caress to reveal their golden petals, beautifully striped with dark bronze.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Zwanenburg Bronze'; golden flowers with purple striped petals

These AGM holders were an impulse buy late in the autumn; already I am swooning over their bright golden flowers, with such beautiful dark markings on the outer petals. It is fascinating to me how flowers that glow so vividly in the sun draw their petals close each evening such that these dark stripes cloak their splendour, the flowers seeming to fade into the dull earth, their light extinguished until the sun coaxes them out again the following day.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Zwanenburg Bronze' closed flowers

There is so much magic to be found in the garden as spring advances.

17 thoughts on “Hocus Crocus

    • They are such lovely crocus – mine have come from my Mum’s garden where they spill out of the borders into the lawn. They self-seed happily as you’ve obviously found! I scattered some seed directly last year too, so hopefully in years to come will have lots to enjoy.

  1. Great post title – wish I’d thought of that! It is so heart-warming being able to share the excitement of this time of yearin our gardens with other people who feel the same as we do, isn’t it? I was intrigued by the ‘Zwanenburg Bronze’ as I think I don’t like yellow crocuses but these aren’t really ‘yellow’ – hmm, I would like to see them in real life to check out their golden glow as your photo makes them look so appealing.

    • Thank you. These are a very warm colour, quite wonderful. I *think* the photos reflect the colour quite true on my screen… I hadn’t intended to add yellow crocus, but then they caught my eye in an end-of-season reduced price email drop and I couldn’t resist.

    • Thanks, I really love these and hope they clump up well! I’m looking forward soon to the appearance of the dark purple ones that are on their second year too. Can never have too many crocuses?!

  2. Such lovely photos, the sun lighting up the yellow crocuses is gorgeous. Mine haven’t started flowering yet but won’t be long, though this cold spell again will hold them back a bit.

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