I am powerless to resist.Rich dark purple flowers of Crocus 'Negro Boy'

These vibrant Crocus ‘Negro Boy’ have continued to push up in clumps across the border; unperturbed by the mostly grey and blustery weather of the weekend, opening in the scantiest impression of sunshine that filters through the clouds.

Rich dark purple flowers of Crocus 'Negro Boy'
Their wonderful rich purple draws my eye each time I pass a window; and the bright yellow contrast from emerging narcissus buds near some of the clumps somehow puts me in mind of Easter.

Dark purple flowers of Crocus 'Negro Boy' and emerging daffodil budsAnd chocolate.


25 thoughts on “Brazen

    • Aren’t they something? My mum bought a pack the year before last and gave me half. If I see them for sale again in the autumn, I’ll certainly buy more!

    • Indeed, a very unfortunate name, rather of their era; I believe they were introduced and named in 1910. I’m surprised that they have not been re-named by now!

    • I love the spring flowers; our first flush of early daffodils are almost over, but already others are picking up the baton and bursting into flower. It’s lovely to take a walk and admire all the emerging colour.

  1. It really is a wonderful colour, so rich looking, like emperors robes. I may just have to put it on the list for next year especially as the badger doesnt seem to be partial to crocus

    • Not like the emperor’s new clothes, though 😉 Yes, a lovely rich regal colour. Even though they are dark, they still stand out from a distance. Hopefully they will be available again in the autumn (these bulbs rather aptly came from Crocus a couple of years ago). I highly recommend them!
      It’s good that your badger does draw the line at some bulbs.

  2. There you go again! It’s like me and my ‘Harry’ (witch hazel) – I can’t resist slipping photos of him into my posts either!

  3. I think that resistance would be futile – what a sumptuous shade. Noted for the future. Will be worth the effort of deploying anti – squirrel tactics to see such riches.

  4. Can’t grow crocuses here. They grow small and distorted.Any that show signs of coming up pretty get eaten by slugs. Daffodils are fine . . . or they were till snow knocked them over! Can manage without crocuses but would fine life hard without daffodils.

    • That’s sad; I’d hate to be without either. My mum really recommends a mulch made from wool to keep slugs off – they eat her little narcissi too otherwise! The wool pellets then break down to provide nutrients too, seems a great solution.
      Our daffodils are rather flat at the minute with the continuing barrage of frosts and snow flurries.

      • Drat, will I have to wait that long to get crocus bulbs? I know they won’t come up if I plant them now but I might do it now before I forget and another task comes along!

        • It’s annoying isn’t it? By the time bulbs are available to order, you have forgotten the ones that lit up your imagination 6 months earlier. I tend to email myself or add calendar reminders in the hope that I will find them again when the suppliers are lifting their bulbs and offering them for sale once more.

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