W P Milner

Last autumn, I planted several new varieties of narcissus in the garden. The first of these has been in flower for a couple of weeks now, W. P. Milner.

Narcissus W.P. Milner

This is a trumpet daffodil, with slightly stocky stems – useful in our windy situation – and these delicious full-size pale flowers, swept slightly forwards.

W.P.Milner daffodil flower

The petals ripple like silk in the breeze, and look fresh and elegant against a rare glimpse of blue sky. This is an older variety, introduced by Henry Backhouse before 1869, and seems to have stood up well in the last century-and-a-bit. A handful of small clumps make a great addition to our front garden, despite the weather’s best attempts to knock them down.


24 thoughts on “W P Milner

  1. It is always good to remember your conditions when choosing new plants, a good lesson as I have read others have had problems with daffodils being knocked down by strong winds. C

    • Yes the winds really sweep across our front in particular, although the Rijnveld’s Early Sensation don’t seem to suffer too much there. These are still pretty tall for short daffodils, some at least 30cm, but not as leggy as the giants.

    • The bright daffs have been lovely and cheerful, but I do like the quieter colours too, particularly later in the season. I also planted some white ones, which I look forward to in the coming weeks.

  2. I tend to go for the shorter daffodils as there is a nasty wind which whips across my garden despite the trees on the boundary. I think I planted WP Milner this year but I will have to dig out my notebook to refresh my memory. Some of my new daffs seem to be quite stunted this year and I am wondering if that is because of the length ofthe cold weather, although I note on Christina’s blog that she says they flower earlier when its cold?!

    • The later varieties that are still coming through seem to be forming small buds while the shoots are barely an inch above the ground. Not sure if that is usual or not. Hope you find some WP Milner coming up, they are very lovely. Interesting if the daffodils flower earlier when it’s cold; our Rijnveld’s Early Sensation certainly bloomed early this year – 5th Jan, about six weeks earlier than last year, though they were new then so it may be that they have just settled in this year.

  3. Nice flowers, but a rather unenterprising name, I feel. Sounds like a business – “W.H.Smith” – didn’t WP have a proper name?? My Tete a Tete daffs are nearly submenrged in snow again.

    • Ah, I find the ‘initialled’ names rather elegant, like Galanthus S. Arnott. Snow? Wow, we have just had bucketloads of rain and fierce winds here.

  4. I think I got a few of those in a mixed selection a couple of years ago – they’re lovely, and the point about the stocky stems is a valuable one. I clearly need more!

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