An early Easter combined with a late spring – when much of the country is only just shaking off the last bout of snow – is not quite the gardener’s dream.

Easter decorations in the window of the village inn

But the garden is pushing on regardless, sending up shoots and buds, unfurling leaves and flowers, and when the sun shines there is a definite glimmer of hope. So we find ourselves on the brink of spring, with a few dry days to hopefully take advantage of – if the wind is not too strong or cold.

Daffodils beneath the pear trees

New rose leaves

Primroses in the sun, Primula vulgaris

Homemade sourdough hot cross buns

Homemade sourdough hot cross buns

Happy Easter. May the sun shine.


18 thoughts on “Easter

    • I’m afraid I can’t take the credit for the indoor decorations: they were a windowsill display in our village inn where we stopped in for a meal. Happy Easter, Laura!

  1. We will appreciate the spring all the more after this setback, won’t we? Hope your hot cross buns were as nice as ours – Happy Easter!

  2. I a impressed with your homemade hot cross buns. Snow has finally gone today having fallen a week ago. Am hopeful that if I wrap up warm tomorrow I might get outside

    • Thanks, I was rather pleased with them too, think they will have to be a yearly tradition! Hope you’ve had the chance to get out in the garden this weekend.

    • I made a joke about barbecuing to my husband as we were working out in the garden yesterday. Since he was wearing his ski thermals beneath his gardening gear, he wasn’t very taken with the idea. 🙂

  3. Easter Monday is traditionally a day for a picnic here in Italy, but I have no idea how this came to be a tradition as in all the time we’ve been here the weather is always cold, wet, windy or just generally unpleasant that day. Enjoy what spring weather you get! C

    • Ah, hope that one year the weather surprises you and you do manage to have an Easter Monday picnic. It certainly isn’t very tempting here today!

  4. When you consider what it was like this time last year it does make you wonder what is going on. We still have a lot of snow hanging about – if only the temperature would rise a few degrees.

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