Glimmers of Gold

The inquisitive bird-like buds of Tulipa sylvestris are back, and beginning to open this week.

Tulipa sylvestris bud

Once again, I am mesmerised by their simple grace and beauty; by the pink blush that suffuses each stem and bud, by the clear golden petals encased within.

Tulipa sylvestris bud opening

So delicate in form, their golden stars unfurl like flags and reach for the spring sun.

Tulipa sylvestris flower opening

These species tulips are our envoy for the other tulips around the garden which are still pushing tight buds up through the earth. These are not as brash or assured as the showier hybrids, but fill me with delight as I watch them open.


14 thoughts on “Glimmers of Gold

  1. It was only when I started to get really interested in photography that I began to really take on board the fabulous minutiae of plants. Each stage of that unfurling tulip is so different and exciting. I can’t wait for mine to bloom – it looks like my ‘flaming spring green’ will be first.. My camera is at the ready

    • Yes, my growing love of photography has really brought to life details of plants that had possibly escaped me before, I love the way it can really focus (pardon the pun) attention on the fine details, as well as the ‘bigger picture’.
      First tulips are such an exciting moment, I hover over all my others at every chance too, just in case! We planted some flouncier Green Star tulips in the autumn too, looking forward to seeing them. Spring Green look lovely too.

  2. You write so poetically; I wish I could put into words my feelings about the moment when buds begin to open. These tulips must bring a very welcome ray of sunshine to your garden. Christina

    • Thanks, Christina. I’m glad that my enchantment with these comes across! They don’t have huge impact yet, in their small numbers, floating along the beech hedge, but up close they sway me each time.

  3. Beautiful indeed – and make me realise I need to check through my records as I have some labelled T sylvestris but which are coming through red! Lovely photos.

    • Thanks.
      I have sown seeds of T. sprengeri, which should be red when they are big enough to flower, and I have my eye on another red species tulip, T. linifolia. I hope you track down your T. sylvestris!

    • Aren’t they perfect? I shall have to inflict pictures on the world again when they are fully open too, as the stars have a beautiful simplicity ;). If the wind ever calms down, that is…

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