Anemone Magellanica

For a couple of weeks I have been admiring the dainty cream flowers of Anemone magellanica.

Anemone magellanica in flowerMy mum bought herself this small hardy perennial last spring at the Malvern show, and later in the year gave me this offshoot. I planted it at the front of our long border, in full sun, with some added grit for drainage, where it seems to have settled in well to produce these lovely blooms.

Anemone magellanica flower

The flowers are about 5cm across, standing just over a foot high above attractive finely cut foliage. I love the detail of the delicate tissue-paper petals and pleasingly plump mole-brown central cushion ringed by gold-tipped stamens.


10 thoughts on “Anemone Magellanica

    • Yes, I thought that too. The flowers are slightly creamier in colour, and the plant much more compact, but it shares Honorine Jobert’s graceful beauty.

  1. Your mum certainly made a great purchase Sara. Simple but oh how pretty. I wonder how long the flowers last.

    • She has good taste! I hesitated over picking one up myself at the time, but was then tempted by something else and wandered on… It’s been several weeks since the first flower opened, I’ll try and report on how much longer it carries on flowering.

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