Like many other anemones, the beautiful ivory flowers of  Anemone magellanica that shone in May and June soon transformed into characteristic round seed-heads.

Anemone magellanica in bloom

Anemone magellanica seedheads forming

Anemone magellanica seedhead formingBeneath the tightly furled claws forming these sturdy globes, white silken threads shone tightly for weeks, before relaxing into drifts of cotton wool, which billow in the breeze.

Fluffy cotton wool ball seedheads of Anemone magellanica

Fluffy cotton wool ball seedheads of Anemone magellanicaNature has so many interesting mechanisms for spreading seed; somehow the anemones seem to do this with much more flair than the thistles and other plants that rely on the wind to spread their seed. I’ve been rather captivated by these changing clouds of fluff, even amid all the surrounding high colour of June and July.


18 thoughts on “Fluff

  1. i do like your anemone! Mine are just flowering but I think they are ‘common’ ones and the lower leaves are rather unattractive and untidy. also the woolly heads don’t look as good as yours.
    Next year I’ll replace it with a magellanica

  2. They are lovely, do they self seed for you; I’m very much hoping that my early Anemones will grow prolifically, there was lots of seed, I will look carefully when the first rain of the autumn arrives as I’m sure this will be the trigger.

  3. Very nice indeed, Sara and gorgeous photos. (And I like the verse, top right – though for a moment I thought it was going to be ‘The Road Goes Ever On and One’ by Tolkien ‘). Dave

    • Thanks Dave! I came across the verse when I first set up my blog, and it seemed very apt. It’s quite similar to the Tolkien one in feel.

  4. I have not come across these anemones before – those seedheads are beautiful, nature is wonderful and you did a great job of capturing this in your photos. Thanks.

    • Me neither:they are rather intriguing. I shall try catching and sowing some seed, as well as keeping an eye out for any seedlings nearby.

  5. I love your post, the photographs are beautiful and really interesting too, especially your shots just before they unfurl.

    • Yes! I love seeing fields of cottongrass like that. Drove past one just outside Swansea several weeks ago and admired the billowing ‘fluff’ there!

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