Burpees Golden

This year we branched out with our beetroot growing, to include the yellow ‘Burpees Golden’ and pink-ringed ‘Chioggia’ alongside our usual purple varieties.

Freshly harvested Burpees Golden beetrootsBurpees Golden, a heritage variety, is known for its low germination rate, and we did find it noticeably worse than other beets in this respect. However, over the summer a few short rows have matured, and this week we harvested our first roots: a wonderful deep orange colour with lime-stemmed foliage.

Slice of homegrown yellow beetroot, Burpees Golden, cooked

Cooked slice of golden beetroot

Upon cooking, the flesh retains its attractive golden colour, and the flavour is sweet. We are enjoying this variety every bit as much as the traditional purple ones, and Burpees Golden has some distinct advantages. You can peel the cooked beets without sporting purple-stained fingers for hours afterwards; and thrown into a mixed salad to take to work, they don’t turn the lettuce and cucumber purple.

We shall certainly grow this beetroot again, alongside more prolific varieties. And Chioggia? Watch this space.


10 thoughts on “Burpees Golden

  1. that’s useful to know; my beets weren’t a success this year, I tried growing some in a large pot which I didn’t water enough. I’ll try them in the ground next year. I love the yellow colour of this variety.

  2. I grew this two years ago, and wasn’t impressed with it. It seemed less vigorous than the red varieties, and I found the flavour insipid. These things are personal preferences though, so I’m glad you liked it. It certainly has a lot to offer in the colour stakes.

    • Interesting. I’d feared that the taste would be sacrificed for the colour, but those we have harvested so far have had a good sweet flavour. I wouldn’t rely on it for all our beetroot crops as it does seem more temperamental than ‘the usual varieties’, but it seems to make a good complement to them while we have space for both.

  3. I’ve grown these before and like Mark found them less productive then the red varieties although I liked the taste and colour. Pablo this year but not picked any yet as I was a bit late planting them.

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