Damp mists and fine drizzle have been lingering around our hilltop this week.

Crimson rose blooming in September

Lighting up the gloom alongside the usual autumn favourites in purple and gold, many of the roses we inherited in this garden are making a late comeback. Every year I am mildly surprised by their late show, that often drifts into November, beyond the first frosts. This crimson rose has grown to almost be a standard, rather attractively standing proud of the planting around it. With the native hedging filling in and offering this border a little more shelter, as long as the winds don’t catch and rock it too much, I may keep it pruned to this form. It creates a vivid splash of colour, echoed softly by the hips on the Rosa rubrifolia glauca in the hedge behind.

Crimson rose blooming in autumn border

The splashes of purple Verbena bonariensis drifting through nearby complement it rather nicely, and echo the purple asters in the border opposite.

One of the shorter roses in the front garden also has several new blooms, in a soft yellow, with further buds waiting to open, as if taunting Jack Frost to put in an appearance.

Yellow rose

We’ve done well with these unnamed and rather neglected shrub roses that we rescued: a pale pink one also continues to pump out blooms beside Aster ‘Little Carlow’s lavender haze in the long border, and a white rose flowers more sparsely nearby.

Of our most recent purchases, I am currently entranced with the less showy, but rather striking, red flowers of Miscanthus ‘Undine’, which match the foliage of Acer palmatum var dissectum Garnet, while the white-striped narrow leaves stand out in gentle contrast (you’ll have to take my word for that, as they’re mainly just out of shot…).

of Miscanthus Undine

I hope that this grass establishes well here; it’s particularly handsome.


15 thoughts on “Vivid

  1. Oh have not seen ‘Undine’ before close up Sara – she looks a beauty and what an intriguing shape. I’m not surprised that you are entranced 🙂

  2. I do like the final flush of colour from roses and your miscanthus is beautiful. It’s been misty and murky here too. it’s so damp and humid outside it’s very unautumn-like. I’m craving some sunshine and something a little drier.

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