Shades of Blue

For the past week, we swapped our green hills and misty rainfall for blue skies and a sun-baked landscape.

Clouds from an airoplane

Not simply a trip for pleasure; although we did savour the heat, the landscape, the sea, the local food…

Bougainvillea blossom against blue sky

On a  rocky outcrop just above the shoreline, with panoramic views across the bay, we honoured my Dad’s last wishes, and there scattered his last remains on the land, weightless in the sea breeze.

Mediterranean sea from above

Farewell, once again. I wish you were beside us still as we gazed out across the blue waters to the distant hills on the far side of the bay.

Coastlines from an airplane

Later, there was I think a sense of something lifting, though the grief was sharp as we flew home, leaving you alone there for the last time.  I will be back though, to that island so wreathed with memories of you laughing, joking, striding alongside us. To say hello.


3 thoughts on “Shades of Blue

  1. Thinking of you Sara – no doubt your father would have appreciated all the love and care that must have gone into carrying out his wishes. Hope that you are able to return soon xxx

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