Catching Up

We returned from our travels through a glorious sunset, arriving home after dark and waking the following morning to a misty autumn landscape.

October misty morningThe grass had grown long and was heavily weighted with dew, a lush sight after days of parched rock, while the last asters had exploded in clouds of white and lavender.

Aster in October

Bags still but half-unpacked, I spent most of the day in the garden, enjoying the late sunshine accompanied by the year’s last butterflies. So much to catch up on after just a week away.

Red admiral butterfly on Aster 'Little Carlow'

I did a little weeding and tidying, potted on seedlings of Eryngium and Dierama sown in late August, now stretching out of their seed trays, and sowed some annuals to overwinter for next year. The rest of the day was spent continuing to paint the last stretches of fence, to give protection from the winter weather to come. In the next few days, there will be plenty of catching up to do indoors too, both at work and home. A busy week ahead!


18 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I love that first shot – just seems to sum up early autumn. But according to the weather forecast, the real thing is due to set in this weekend. Well done on getting those annuals sown in time!

  2. I was stunned at how much the grass had grown in a week. I had to check with my son that we had indeed cut it the previous weekend. It is nice returning from a holiday as I think you see everything with fresh eyes which is always a good thing

    • Everything looked so verdant and lush when we returned. It was good to return to such a fine sunny day that gave us the chance to escape into the garden and really appreciate it. Incredible how fast the grass shot up here too.

  3. Where was the “parched rock”? Was it the Canary islands? Our country certainly does seem very “green and pleasant” when you return from somewhere like that.

    • We were off in the Med, where the long summer had scorched the landscape and the mountains stepping away from the coastline were shades of brown – not quite as stark as the Canaries, but close! As we came down to land here, the patchwork of green fields below was really striking indeed.

    • Thanks Frances, the asters really blaze in the sun, and are drawing lots of butterflies. Hope the weather stays fine for you too – and thanks for the advice on sowing green manure in lines … they may be rather weaving but I’ll try for lines!

  4. A breathtaking view to wake up to. I smiled at the idea of those still half unpacked bags Sara 🙂 I always want to play outside after being away from home rather than tackle those indoor jobs.

    • After a day’s travelling, it was lovely to get outside – with nights drawing in there’s plenty of time to catch up with the indoor work afterwards… 🙂

  5. The first thing I always do after a few days away – is to head straight out into the garden and am always amazed at how quickly things change. It seem to take a while to get back into your stride doesn’t it once your regular routine has been broken. Luckily we have good weather here at the moment so the build up of gardening chores are being ticked off one by one.

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