This week brought a lovely surprise in the post from my Mum.

Sarcococca 'Winter Gem'

This beautiful, healthy plant with its dark glossy leaves and clusters of white spidery flowers with red toes is Sarcococca ‘Winter Gem’, a newly bred variety of sweet box. A few days after succumbing to temptation and ordering her own plant, she decided that it was too good to keep for herself, and promptly ordered one for me, to cheer me up after what has been a rather difficult month.

Sarcococca 'Winter Gem' flower

Pretty as a picture… and the scent! I wish I could share that with you. Its sweet perfume was almost overwhelming as I opened the sturdy packaging in the kitchen.

Sarcococca 'Winter Gem' flower

Thank you, Mum. It’s a lovely gift, and certainly brought a smile to my face. It’s a fairly compact form, so I think I will be on the lookout for a pretty pot to keep it on the patio, where it shouldn’t scorch in the summer sun, and we can enjoy its lovely winter perfume each time we step outside to gather more logs for the fire.


14 thoughts on “Gem

  1. what a lovely surprise Sara and a thoughtful mum, how nice too that you and your mum share a love of plants and gardening, my children and partners prefer concrete jungles!
    I hope the coming months will be easier for you and the worst is behind you now, Frances x
    p.s. I keep hearing/reading about sarcococca recently, I know nothing about it so off to do a search now,

    • Thanks, Frances. Yes very thoughtful of my Mum; she thought I sounded glum after several weeks of being under the weather. (I do not like being poorly!). I have seen large varieties of Sarcococca in other gardens, and been amazed by their perfume from some distance away. A lovely evergreen plant the rest of the year too…

  2. So lovely to have such a wonderful and thoughtful present. Plants are lovely to receive as they are a constant reminder of the giver. Sarcococca is a brilliant shrub and really delivers at this time of year. Your mum has very good taste in plants!

    • Doesn’t she just?! A lovely gift to receive, I have been enjoying its sweet scent each time I’ve passed it on the patio today, heavenly.

  3. How lovely – and even more so coming as a complete surprise like this. After enjoying my Sarcococca humilis so much this year I wouldn’t mind another – and this one is very pretty. Hope you are feeling much better in yourself now

    • They are such valuable winter plants, I’ve wanted one for a while now, so the gift is really thrilling.
      And thank you, I think I’ll still be taking it easy for a while yet, but I can enjoy the delicious scent of those flowers every time I step out into the garden. 🙂

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