Slowly we are making our way through the last standing leeks and winter brassicas, clearing the ground ready for this year’s planting.

Mystique cauliflowers growingWith the cavalo nero stripped of its last leaves for the kitchen and composted, along with the Brussels sprouts stems that were left to provide greens after harvesting the sprouts in the winter, we are down to the red curly kale, a few savoy cabbages, and two large cauliflower plants. A week ago, these latter showed narrow pointed hearts, with no sign of a curd, and I harboured suspicions that we would not be harvesting any cauliflowers this year.

Mystique cauliflower growing

This weekend, however, both plants had filled out to reveal majestic white curds bursting from the leaves that a week ago were empty. I’m astounded by the speed with which these sizeable curds were produced! I think they must be the most beautiful cauliflowers we have grown yet, wonderfully crisp and unblemished.

Harvested cauliflower 'Mystique' As F1 hybrids, both Mystique cauliflower plants have reached maturity at the same time, so we shall be eating a lot of cauliflower in the next few weeks! We have already harvested one plant, lightly poaching a portion of the head and some of the inner leaves in water gently laced with vegetable bouillon and a bay leaf.  After draining off the cooking liquid, the wilted leaves were served as spring greens, while the tender curds were mashed to make a light and fresh-tasting alternative to potatoes. We were too busy eating them to take their picture after cooking!

Harvested Mystique cauliflower head

Poaching cauliflower curds and leavesAs we enjoy the final fruits of last year’s growing season, I must keep an eye on the weather and ensure that we harvest the remaining cauliflower before it is spoiled by rain – not to mention sowing the seeds for next spring’s table.



13 thoughts on “Mystique

  1. What impressive cauliflower Sara! I was astounded to spot heads appearing on my Purple sprouting broccoli – only three plants survived from the 8 I planted as plugs last Autumn, but suddenly I am hopeful that there will be some spears to harvest after all. One of these years I will be organised enough to have over wintering veg and salads too…

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    • Thanks, Frances. We probably eat potatoes a couple of times a week generally, but I do like new alternatives to the standard rice/pasta/potatoes accompaniments.

  3. What beauties! it always astonishes me that these start with a tiny seed, not that I have ever successfully grown them…. 😉

  4. What a beautiful cauli Sara – looks good enough to be a show winner. How magical that the curds appeared almost overnight. Picked my first purple sprouting broccoli from the allotment today 🙂

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