I found myself quite captivated by one of our clumps of the fuchsia-pink Barcelona tulips, now in their third year here, as I took a rest from working in the spring sunshine on Good Friday.

Pink Barcelona tulip flower

Even if pink is not your favourite colour, they are undeniably striking flowers, with a strong shape and slight irridescent sheen to their petals.

Fuchsia pink Barcelona tulips in the garden

Row of bright pink Barcelona tulip flowers

Looking into Barcelona tulip flowers

Open Barcelona tulip flower viewed from above

Backlit bright pink flowers of tulip Barcelona

Bright pink Barcelona tulips against blue spring skies and cherry blossom

Against the ‘borrowed’ cherry blossom of a neighbour’s tree and brilliant blue skies, they looked even more spectacular. These are proving to be a real treasure in the spring garden, year after year.


14 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. There is something classically beautiful in the straightforward “plain” types of tulip. Pink is not my colour though – I would prefer a deep red.

    • I do love the dark red of Jan Reus best of all – and the classic red Ile de France that I added this year are sumptuous too. But the hot pink is definitely striking, and looks lovely against lime green euphorbia and rivers of blue forget-me-not and omphalodes!

  2. they are beautiful Sara and I love the way you have got down and photographed them, it’s lovely looking inside them too, I’ve been quite fascinated by looking inside some of the few tulips I have, Frances

  3. I’m so glad you showed these the first year you had them; I’ve had some for two years now and they are just perfect! Quite long lasting too which is a bonus.

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