Rescued From The Rain

I lost the label for the small peony I bought at Malvern some years ago, before I could commit its name to memory.

Crimson peony flower

I’m pretty sure that ‘Red’ featured in its name, and I wonder whether it could be Red Charm, although it seems a darker red than many images I’ve found, and a firm identification is rather tricky. Regardless of nomenclature, it has settled in well, producing a modest number of these beautiful deep red blooms each year without fail as the plant continues to bulk up.

Red peony flower

The first blooms have already been shattered by heavy rains and recent gusts of wind, red petals strewn across the garden. When I came upon this freshly unfurled flower hanging its head towards the hedge almost out of sight, its petals as yet unmarked by the showers despite being bedecked by raindrops, I couldn’t resist picking it at the peak of its loveliness and bringing it inside.

Crimson peony flower in a vase

I seldom pick flowers for the house, preferring to enjoy them in the garden, but rather than risk this beauty being battered by the weather, I felt quite justified in rescuing it from the rain.

Scarlet peony flower

Such a beautiful rich colour – even after over-exposing my image to bring out the details of the raindrops and petals.



20 thoughts on “Rescued From The Rain

  1. Lovely, I never used to pick any flowers to bring inside but since joining in the meme ‘In a vase on Monday’ I don’t want to be without flowers inside! I’m sure you are enjoying your beautiful peony every time to see it.

  2. I started picking flowers for the house two years ago and now can’t bear to see the kitchen table without a pot or two. I love the peony but can’t help with naming it since I’ve looked in six gardening books to no avail.

  3. I don’t have space for flowers indoors – every surface is needed for something – but if a flower looks battered, I too will rescue it, even if it means it lives on the draining board.

  4. It would have been a shame not to rescue it – and perhaps it will help you overcome your reluctance to pick flowers specifically for the house…. Maybe you could start with picking some for someone who doesn’t have much in the way of flowers in their own garden…

    • I suppose I do pick flowers to take to friends’ houses, and very occasionally a few for us here. Hayfever is rather an issue in our house though, so suspect we’ll never have flowers indoors every day. But otherwise I prefer to see them in the garden…

      • Oh Sarah, I apologise for being a bit insensitive about potential hay fever issues – I hadn’t even considered this. Sorry – and I hope it doesn’t affect you too much outside as you would struggle in your garden if it did.

        • Don’t worry, you weren’t to know! Mine isn’t too bad most years, but my husband is super-sensitive – even some of our non-flowering houseplants seem to set him off.

  5. It is stunning and such a perfect shade of red (in my eyes). I LOVE peonies, I have a bright pink version – can’t remember the name – in my garden, it’s actually one of the few border flowers which I do cut one vase of each spring, just a couple of blooms as they are so amazing to watch unfold in the house. Bethxx

  6. Oh now that was worth a rescue job Sara so that such a beautiful flower could enjoy less stressful conditions. I always find that photos I take of red flowers never capture the colour that my eyes see.

    • I love the luscious deep red colour, it is lasting well on the windowsill cheering up the room! I tend to find blues trickier than reds to photograph.

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