The Hills Are Alive

For a week we swapped our hills for the rather more impressive peaks of the Austrian Alps.


Hiking with a ‘bump on board’ was much harder work than usual, but we racked up some decent miles through the mountains each day of our stay, replenishing ourselves with the substantial hospitality of the Tyrol; from soups to strudel, and easing out tired muscles with a swim in the hotel pool.


We certainly enjoyed our week of fantastic scenery, good food and fresh mountain air. Usually our summer trips to the Alps tend to be later in the season, long after the meadows have had their second cut of the summer, and I was thrilled by the rich variety of wild flowers that accompanied our walks. From little alpine alchemillas to swathes of purple orchids, bistort and burnet to wild aquilegias, the hills truly were alive, and not just with our occasional bursts of song.



We found several lakes high in the mountains, incorporating a circuit of the biggest in the locality on one of our longest hikes while the sun’s heat was tempered by broken clouds, before following a meandering river through the woods back down to the valley floor far below.




Throughout our stay, mountain huts along the paths provided us with welcome refreshment when the heat and distance threatened to overwhelm us, although there was one hard day when we finally reached the top of a particularly demanding ascent to find that our planned lunch stop was not open for business for another week. It was another long hour until we reached an alternative and a well-deserved rest and refuel!



Of course, we happily let the mountain lifts do the hardest work to give us a head start on the some of the longest, steepest ascents, before picking up the routes higher on the mountains.


Track through summer wildflowers in the Tyrol

We returned to find our own garden billowing with lush growth and new colour; it’s always a surprise how much changes in just a week away. The previously modest stems of cardoon buds are suddenly towering some eight feet above the ground, almost matched by the giant scabious also in bud nearby, and ornamental grasses have shot up and erupted into plumes of flower. This year everything has a distinctly shaggy and laid-back look, particularly in the vegetable garden, as the weeds are quick to take advantage of a lighter hand.

We’ve quite a bit of work to catch up on; not least keeping up with the strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and cucumbers which are ripening almost faster than we can harvest them. Apologies for my recent lapse in posts: things have been rather busy for us of late, hopefully the next month or two should be a little quieter. If I turn a blind eye to some of our own, ahem, wild flowers, anyway…


10 thoughts on “The Hills Are Alive

  1. beautiful photos Sara, glad you had such a great time, if you go next year your bump will be able to be carried on king of the hill’s back giving you a rest 😉
    a good hike through beautiful scenery wonderful, Frances x

    • Thank you Frances. I was indeed quick to point out that next time would be his turn carrying as I puffed up the steepest ascents 🙂

  2. I’d love to go, my favourite holiday, as a child, was a trip to Switzerland and mostly because of the beautiful scenery whilst walking in the alpine meadows. My only experience of Austria is driving through it on a coach and staying in Saltzburg overnight as a teenager, I’ve always fancied a holiday there. Annoyingly, my husband left for Austria today to do an IronMan, but sadly we didn’t get to go with him :(. Lovely photos. Bethx

    • Ah, I definitely recommend Austria, in summer or winter: a beautiful country with great hospitality.Wouldn’t fancy an IronMan there though – it’s demanding terrain!

  3. Very envious, Sara. I’ve never walked in the Alps. Perhaps I need to lift my eyes higher than the Lakes and Yorkshire (love them as I do). Welcome home. Dave

    • We should walk more in the Lakes and Yorkshire 🙂 It’s been far too long! The Austrian Alps are well worth a visit though, we can’t stop going back…

  4. It looks absolutely breathtaking scenery Sara and seeing the meadow flowers must be rather special. I’m no good with heights but can appreciate the beauty of mountains from a safe distance. We spent a couple of memorable holidays near Strasbourg in the distant past and would gladly return 🙂

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