Lost Again

A couple of days after returning from our recent week away, we lost our beloved cat Xander: another casualty to our ‘quiet’ country lane.

Cat looking out of window


There is a huge hole in our home and hearts without him. When I step into the garden, I keep expecting him to spring out of one of the flower borders and come running to greet me, his tail flying high with enthusiasm, his purr like a running engine. We miss our soft, beloved cat.

Black and white cat sleeping in sink

Black and white cat stretching up a tree

Two cats balancing on a fence

Black and white cat crouched on fence

Cat running through puddles

Cat curled up in bed

Cat peeking out of garden trug

Cat in sun and shadows

Cat rolling in the soil

Cat rolling on path

Cat sitting in the sun

Cat crouched on fence

Cat crouched in snow

Cats playing in the garden

Proud cat sitting basking in early sun


14 thoughts on “Lost Again

  1. oh no, Sara my heart goes out to you, how truly awful, after such a short time here he’s with Willow now, how is Faith coping, I know you said they were not as close as Willow and Xander but she must miss him, Frances xx

  2. I am so sorry to hear your news. It is terrible to lose a beloved pet.
    Best wishes and sympathy

  3. I don’t even know you but feel so very sad for you. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful cat, who clearly enjoyed a loving, happy life.

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