Sand Between My Toes

What better way to start a day off work than with an early morning trip to the beach?

Undulating water and sand, South Wales

Rocks in the water, beach in South Wales

It was an unfamiliar beach to me; I followed a narrow lane, which wound cool and green through light woodland before opening out into a small gravel car park with the sea stretched out before me, the space all but deserted so early in the morning.

Beach and cliffs, South Wales

Beach and cliffs, South Wales

Rocks on the beach, South Wales

Rocks on the beach, South Wales

After exploring the undulating sand and rocks of the shoreline, I made my way up onto the headland and followed the Wales Coast path for a short way.

Along the Wales Coast Path, south Wales

Exploring a stretch of the Wales Coast Path, South Wales

Clouds of butterflies danced around me as I walked, and the sweet scents of honeysuckle and traveller’s joy mingled where the path roamed through thickets of wild plants, filling my nose with their heady perfume. Where the path opened out, there were strategically placed benches along the path: perfect to sit and enjoy the vista for a little while; the distant hills of England hazy on the horizon. I left the beach before the day grew too hot, but what a wonderful start to the day!


6 thoughts on “Sand Between My Toes

  1. Sounds perfect! Lovely beach, the quiet ones are always the best. We spent an hour on our local beach yesterday evening, after the holidaymakers had left for the day. Beer and a chocise! Hard to beat time by the sea.

    • Lovely quiet beach, I’ll definitely go back again. By all accounts it does get busy later, and indeed more people were arriving as I left, but it was great to have to myself for an early start. Glad that you are enjoying your very local beach too – sounds idyllic!

  2. Oh Sarah what a brilliant start to the day – a shame that you had to leave to go to work. Not near enough the sea to do anything similar but we had a lovely evening on holiday recently. Our camper van was parked for the night about a hundred feet from the sea – we watched a fabulous sunset and feel asleep listening to the waves. Absolute bliss.

    • I actually had the day off work, so I could have stayed longer, but it was starting to get hot and there wasn’t much shade to hide in… it made the rest of the days chores much easier though 🙂
      Sounds heavenly to fall asleep to the sound of the sea…

  3. Oh now I an green with envy, we should go to the coast more often as it’s not that far, but around here it’s so very busy, it’s difficult to ever visit a nice spot without half of the South of England already being there! How lovely to discover a new spot, early in the day and enjoy it’s beauty uninterrupted. I have just spent 2 days on Yorkshire with my brother, he took both days off work to hang out with me and on one we went to the coast (Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay) we used to go as children so it was all a memory trip, sadly I didn’t find any jet to bring home. Bethx

    • Ah I am a fan of Whitby/Robin Hood’s Bay, it used to be a favourite haunt when I was studying in Leeds. We’ve only been back once since I’ve been in South Wales, a couple of years ago, and it was a very long drive! Glad that you had a good break.

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