Our beautiful son was born last week, weighing in at 6lb 13oz.

Newborn baby boy

We’re all home and making a great recovery.2014_10-15

We are utterly smitten with him.


These pages may be a little quiet as we spend our time getting to know one another, but normal (ish) posting should resume in time!



30 thoughts on “Precious

  1. oh Sara, he is gorgeous, very precious indeed and your time together in these first few weeks is precious too, congratulations, very pleased to hear you are both doing well, Frances x

  2. Congratulations to you and King of the HIll and welcome to the new under gardener, although at present he will be a distraction more than a help in the garden but oh what a pleasure.

  3. Can I ‘like’ the post with exclamation marks? He is absolutely gorgeous, what a total cutie! Heaps of very best wishes to all of you, and I hope you’re already thinking which part of the garden could become his very own…

  4. Congratulations. So happy for you. A most beautiful and healthy seedling, may he grow into a fine tree with deep roots and a sense of self; branches reaching high and wide, plenty of leaves to sustain his growth and a heart of oak, strong yet yielding.

  5. Oh Sara what fabulous news and what a sweetheart! Many congratulations to you both. Wishing your little one a long, happy and healthy life. I trust that you’ve got that first pair of wellies in readiness.

  6. Congratulations – to us it seems hardly any time since you told us he was in the offing, but I am sure it wasn’t quite as easy for easy for you! Glad all went well, and hope you all get through the first tough weeks as well as you can – you forget about these hard bits when they are older!

  7. Huge congratulations. Enjoy your first days together and rest as much as you can, its important. I bet you wont be blogging for ages

  8. He’s gorgeous! Congratulations, enjoy getting to know him, and well done for picking the down time in the garden for your latest harvest 😉 look forward to getting to know him gradually in future posts. xxx

  9. Ah, what a cutie. Hope you’re getting at least some sleep – in between cuddling. . My niece has just had a son making me a Great Uncle. (Surely there must be some mistake as I am so very, very young). Congrats, Sara. Dave

    • Thank you, Dave. Snatching the odd hour here or there, but this little bundle is very reluctant to be out of our arms day or night, apparently Mum is more comfy than his basket! Congratulations – I’m sure you’ll be a great Great Uncle :D, obviously the Great is a mark of esteem not age! 😉

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