November has given way to December, and the days have raced along until Christmas is almost upon us.

winter blue skies in the gardenAfter a few frosts, the temperatures have risen a little, giving us a run of mild dampish days buffeted by strong winds. While many days are also rather gloomy and grey, it is the clear sunny days that really lift the heart and draw me out into the garden – along with the cat.

faith on the shed roof in winterThe shortest day is now tucked behind us, though it will be a few months yet before we really feel the pull of spring drawing us onward.

miscanthus in winter light
A winter stalwart that always takes me by surprise is Anemone coronaria Mount Everest, which came into flower in mid-December.

Anemone coronaria Mount EverestBut the bravest bloom of all, opening earlier than I have known before, the first daffodil along our front fence is in flower: Rijnveld’s Early Sensation. The other daffodil buds of this species continue to push up all along the fence line, to give us a very early splash of colour indeed.

Rijnveld's Early Sensation in flower in December


19 thoughts on “Brave

  1. My oh my! I have several things coming along earlier than usual – but this is the first daffodil I have seen this season! A very happy Christmas time to you and your little family 🙂

  2. A daffodil flowering before Christmas is very unusual! Spring will be here almost before we know it. Hope you have a great Christmas – the first as a 3-person family rather than just a couple!

  3. That’s a most brave little daffy Sarah. I planted some Rinjinveld’s Early Sensation’ bulbs in the autumn but don’t think I’ll be seeing flowers this year. Have a lovely Christmas – next year it won’t just be the cat who wants to play with the tree xxx

    • Ah, mine flowered in their first year, though perhaps not till Feb – they were still the earliest in my garden that year though! Hope yours bring you lots of joy, and you have a lovely Christmas too x

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