Sun and Ice

In the first weeks of the year, our hilltop has seen extremes of weather.
Daffodil flowers against hailstones

Overnight hailstorms a few weeks ago left the ground white with up to an inch of hailstones, as though the earth had been dusted with snow; in the crisp sunshine it was mid-afternoon before the drifts of ice melted away.

There have been gale-force winds, torrential rain and hail, and terrible thunderstorms. Falling trees have left us without power for a few hours of darkness, and the lightning in the small hours one night struck our hilltop such that the very house seemed to shake to its foundations. In the morning we learnt that that particular strike had landed a stone’s throw from us, tearing a hole in a nearby roof (nobody was harmed, bar a little smoke inhalation). A close shave indeed for us!

While the daffodils continue to dance merrily along the front boundary, glorious in the cool sunshine of the clear days, it is a couple of months still before spring truly frees us of winter’s grasp. I wonder what weather these months will bring yet!


12 thoughts on “Sun and Ice

    • The daffodils have been blooming since before Christmas; these are Rijnveld’s Early Sensation in their fourth year here. It’s the earliest they’ve been in bloom for us!

    • I’ve never been so close to a storm before, the crack was astounding. I was nursing at the time, and the baby almost jumped out of my arms…
      The daffs have been cheering me up all month 🙂

  1. Sounds as if your weather has been pretty rough. Here in Fleet we have had a fairly nondescript Winter so far. Spring is still a long way off though, and the worst weather could still be ahead of us. I haven’t seen any Daffodils flowering yet.

  2. I quite like rough weather. Being above the sea, the wind whips up off the Channel and whacks the back of our house hard. With the fire lit it feels very cosy with the wind roaring outside – and safe! Unlike lightening striking so close. Glad it missed you – obviously. D

    • Yes there’s something about hearing the wild wild weather from a warm and cosy spot by the fire. The lightning strikes were a little too close for comfort though!

  3. Oh it sounds as if the elements have been throwing everything that they can summons at you Sara. What a cauldron! It sounds as if you may have had that ‘snow thunder’ which was mentioned on the forecasts. Glad to read that all of you and the house are unscathed. No wonder the daffodils are dancing – too dangerous to stand still. I hope that what is left of winter is calmer in your neck of the woods.

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