In the last week of January a glint of gold on the ground caught my eye as I left the house; the first crocus flowers in bloom, Crocus chrysanthus ‘Zwanenburg Bronze‘.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Zwanenburg Bronze'

Crocus chrysanthus 'Zwanenburg Bronze'  flowers

These sunny flowers are back for their third year; I love their cheerful egg-yolk yellow and the dark bronze tiger stripes.

Hellebore 'Christmas Rose'

I’m also enjoying the blooms on the Christmas Rose that my Mum bought me for Christmas; still in its pot I have yet to decide where to try and place it in the garden. My existing plant has not resurfaced this year, which suggests at least one location not to plant a new one!

snowdrop flowers against leaf litter

Our first snowdrops have unfurled their pristine petals too, while others are still pushing up. I love these first signs of spring leaping up around the garden.

Frosty dawn hillsMeanwhile, frost-rimed sunrises are a frequent reminder that winter’s grasp is still far from over; this one was captured by King of the Hill earlier this week.

Huge thanks to Anna for spotting that the comments box had somehow been disabled for this post!


2 thoughts on “Gleam

  1. The crocus are so distinctive – I remember them from previous posts. Lovely sunrise photo – was it taken from your plot? Although we face east the lie of the land is such that we can’t really see the sunrises properly but at this time of year I often see them when I go for my early morning swims – all gone by the time I have finished so i never get any photos!

    • Each year I fall for these Crocus again, they are rather special. Yes the picture was taken just outside the house looking across the fields and valley below, we enjoy many sunrises here, though our sunsets fall in a less accessible aspect generally.

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