This week has been full of sunshine, and while LO and I are fighting with ever-streaming noses and some impressive barking coughs, we’ve been out and about every day to enjoy that spring sunshine with some amazing walks.

Silhouette at the beach


Thus, one afternoon found us making our way through an ancient woodland, on a last minute whim, where the late afternoon sunlight filtered through the ash trees to light up a sea of wild daffodils and wood anemones on the woodland floor.

Wood anemones on woodland floor

Wood anemones on woodland floor

Like stars fallen from the sky, the just-beginning-to-close wood anemones still sparkled at our feet, while the dainty daffodils danced in droves. I’d never before seen either flower in such abundance in the wild,  and was utterly entranced.

wild daffodils in woodland


wild daffodils up close

The woodland was a new and chance discovery for us, and we had the place to ourselves on our visit – besides the wildlife that is. Bounded by moss-capped stone walls to safeguard the flora from grazing, the woodland is also a nature reserve.

moss capping woodland boundary walls

Boundary wall enclosing nature reserve

As we walked, a symphony of birdsong fluttered sweetly around us, and the drilling of a woodpecker ahead accompanied us for a few minutes as we climbed the slope.

path climbing through wild daffodil woods

wild daffodils cloaking woodland floor

wild daffodils cloaking woodland floor

The light, the music, the flowers, why the very air was full of magic; I felt as though I had stepped into an Enid Blyton tale!

wild daffodils carpeting woodland floor

path through the woodland

I was sorry to leave,  but we’ll certainly be back again. A truly enchanting (if not enchanted!) place.

wild daffodil woods

wild daffodil woods


15 thoughts on “Enchanted

  1. The British countryside is so beautiful at this time of year. I especially love bare branches with just a hint of green leaf emerging and even lovelier when under-planted with daffodils.

    • They were beautiful, I’ve never seen so many together before in the wild; magic indeed especially in that tranquil setting with the lilting bird song.

  2. What a beautiful sanctuary to find – and wood anemones out already! Glad you have still been able to get out and about and enjoy such places

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